COVID-19 College Update

The College is open to assist you both virtually and at some select physical locations. Remote learning will continue through the summer and fall sessions. A small number of hybrid classes are offered with limited class meetings on campus and other work assigned online. Visit for more information.

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Student Employment Services and Co-Op Center

ESL students are welcome to visit the College's Student Employment Services and Co-Op Center services. Drop in any time!

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International Students

An F-1 student may seek employment only after obtaining approval. Students generally are not permitted to be employed without special authorization from either the Department of Homeland Security or the Office of International Student Services. If you have questions, please visit Enrollment Central, 3500 Founders Hall, on the Marple campus, or call 610-359-7322.

The primary purpose of an F-1 visa is to be a student. Work must not interfere with that objective and is therefore limited.

Regulations divide employment of F-1 students into four categories:

  • On-campus employment
  • Off-campus part-time employment (e.g. Severe Economic Hardship, pre-graduation Optional Practical Training, etc.)
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT, or Co-Op)
  • Post-graduation full-time Optional Practical Training (OPT)

More information about F-1 student employment is provided at the International Student Orientation, held at the beginning of every semester.