COVID-19 College Update

The College is open to assist you both virtually and at some select physical locations. Remote learning will continue through the summer and fall sessions. A small number of hybrid classes are offered with limited class meetings on campus and other work assigned online. Visit for more information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Academic System

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The academic year at Delaware County Community College includes the following:

  • Two full semesters: fall (usually starting in late August/early September and continuing through mid-December) and spring (early January to mid-May)
  • Accelerated courses in fall and spring (accelerated courses are usually half the duration of a full semester but cover the same amount of material)
  • Summer I and Summer II semesters
  • One summer ESL semester (usually early June to mid-August)
  • PowerUp Summer Online Session
  • Winter Session

Students should consult with their advisors before registering.


Students’ academic work is measured in credits. The number of credits per course usually equals the number of hours per week that students will meet in the classroom. A three-credit course, for example, will usually meet three hours in the classroom weekly for one semester. A student must earn a specified number of credits to graduate.

Credit Requirements for F-1 International Students

Each fall and spring semester, F-1 international students are required to complete 12 credits. In most cases, students are not authorized to drop a course if it would mean they will complete fewer than 12 credits.

International students who come to the College as new students for the Summer ESL program are required to take at least six credits. Returning international students are not required to study during the summer.

The Grading System

A grade may be defined as an instructor’s assessment of the quality of a student’s work. The following is the College grading system:

Grading System
Credit Course Letter Grades
A 4.0 (excellent)
B 3.0 (above average)
C 2.0 (average)
D 1.0 (below average)
F 0.0 (failure)
Other Grades
I: Incomplete    
W: Withdrawal    
HP: High Pass    
P: Pass    
NP: No Pass