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Angelo M. Honeybrook, AAS, Nursing, 2010
Career goal: RN, BSN

Talk about a non-traditional student!

Not only is Angelo returning to college after working nine years for Main Line Health, he is majoring in nursing. According to the American Nurses Association, only six percent of the professionals in the field are men.

After being in the staffing office at Main Line Health, I decided I wanted to be on the patient end rather than the administrative end. I had worked with a number of really great nurses and nurse managers.”

~ Angelo M. Honeybrook, AAS, Nursing, 2010

As one of two men enrolled in the College’s weekend nursing program, Angelo attends nursing courses and clinical at The Chester County Hospital and support classes at the College’s Chester County locations in Downingtown and Exton.

Angelo selected Delaware County Community College after meeting and placing high-caliber nurses who had completed the College’s program. As a staffing supervisor, he was struck by the excellent clinical skills of the recent grads. As a student, he is impressed by the structure of the program, including the small class size, ability to rotate stations and to refine skills and testing procedures.

“Delaware County Community College is known to have a good program. The students spend quite a bit of time on clinical, and when they get out there they are good at their jobs.”

In the midst of his first year, Angelo already had plans beyond his AAS degree. The College has transfer agreements with numerous schools, including West Chester University, where Angelo is expecting to continue his studies in order to complete his BSN.

The College makes it easy to transfer and I need only an additional 30 credits. The continued education is very strongly encouraged by Main Line Health, and fortunately my employer will pay for the program.”

~ Angelo M. Honeybrook, AAS, Nursing, 2010

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