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Alumni Profile - Courtney Thompson '09

Courtney Thompson

The College has many entry programs designed to allow prospective students to sample our services before enrolling in classes.  One of those programs is KEYS (Keystone Education Yields Success), which helps clients who are receiving financial support work toward a college degree. Here is the story of one graduate, Courtney Thompson ’09, who uses her personal experiences in KEYS to help as a professional with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services  

What year did you graduate from Delaware County Community College and with what degree?
“I graduated in 2009 with an Associate in Arts in Administration of Justice. How I came to attend the College is an interesting story. I was a client of KEYS (Keystone Education Yields Success), which is a program of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare that helps their clients succeed in the classroom and receive mentoring from College faculty and administrators. My time in KEYS was very beneficial and it helped me to achieve my educational dreams along with the help of the county assistance office. I knew I wanted to enroll at the College after I attended Penn Wood High School because I had heard so many good things and that was where my father was attending at the time.”

Did you pursue further academic goals?
"I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with the University of Phoenix and graduated in June 2014.  I am currently studying for my master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix as well.”

Where are you now?
“I am employed by the state of Pennsylvania as an Income Maintenance Caseworker in the Department of Human Services. I work in a local DHS office which allows me to help my community benefit from KEYS and other important state programs.”

What is next for you professionally?
“One of my goals is to become a supervisor with my current office in the Department of Human Services. I feel my personal experiences can help the next generation of students achieve their individual goals.”

What is your favorite memory of your time on campus, outside of the classroom?
"My favorite memory would have to be hanging out with friends in the student lounge area. I had some great laughs and it was a nice break between classes.”

Did you have a favorite professor or class during your studies?
"My favorite professor would have to be Professor Thomas Byrne, the former Chief of the Ridley Park Police Department.”

What advice would you give to current students and Alumni to capitalize on the education they received from the College?
“My advice would be to take the information that you learned while attending Delaware County Community College and use that to get to your next phase academically and career wise.  Also, try to stay in touch with your professors if you can because they are always willing to help you after you graduate. I’ve stayed in touch with the KEYS program and always enjoy helping whenever I have the time.”

The Alumni Office recently asked Susan Bennett, Director of the KEYS Program (www.dccc.edu/keys), for a quote about her experiences with Courtney. “"It has been a unique privilege to work with Courtney first as a student, and now as a colleague. She is truly an example of limitless possibilities. I see her rising quickly in the Department of Human Services."

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