Educational Foundation Part-time Faculty Award

Persons nominated should demonstrate a commitment to the intellectual and social development of students. Their approach to teaching should be intellectually challenging, stimulating, and accessible. Their efforts should extend beyond the classroom.

To nominate a part-time faculty member, send recommendations to the assistant dean of the particular division by the last week of March.

Effective teaching has many manifestations. It includes classroom instruction and a wide range of faculty-student relationships. The following are among the traits valued in an effective teacher:

  • Command of the subject matter and knowledge of advances in his/her field
  • Ability to organize material and to present it logically, clearly, and forcefully
  • Evidence of clearly defined learning outcomes, student responsibilities and assessment processes
  • Design and implementation of learning activities that accommodate the different learning styles of the students
  • Design and implementation of learning activities that promote collaborative learning
  • Capacity to awaken in students an awareness of the relation of the subject to other fields of knowledge
  • Ability to arouse student interest in more advanced and independent learning
  • Ability to stimulate advanced students to creative work
  • Maintenance of high standards of achievement
  • Fair and accurate grading policies and provision of effective student feedback
  • Demonstration of personal attributes such as integrity, kindness and a sense of humor in his/her role as an educator
  • Respect for diversity

Award Recipients

  • 2016

    Barbara Augusta (CAH/Art)
    John D. Britto (STEM/Chemistry)
    Will Gelches (Workforce/Machine Tool Technology)
    Jean Ravert (Allied Health)
    Varma Mitchell (Business)
    Jeffrey Brown (Administration of Justice - Pennocks)

  • 2015
    Susan Bradley (Health Care Management)
    William Dyke (Earth and Space Science)
    Warren Delong (Welding Technology)
    Arnold  W. Taylor (Mathematics)
    Arthur Berlin (Emergency Medical Technician Program)
  • 2014
    Julie Malsbury (English)
    John Jurkiewicz (Computer Programming)
    Debra Pincar (Psychology)
    Robert Daiutolo, Jr. (History)
    James Duttera (Physics)
    Daniel Kennedy (Construction)
  • 2013
    George Marencin (Mathematics)
    Stacy Everly (Business)
    Dr. Ann Jeannine Lincoln, (Biology)
    Sandi Puka (Allied Health)
    Judith Shabbat (English)
  • 2012
    Karen Gibson (Medical Coding)
    Dr. Edward Doyle (Emergency Services)
    Holly Smiles (PS/SS)
    Amy Katz (CAH)
    Stephen J. Gunn (Bus/CIS)
    Dr. Charles Edington (Business and Social Science)
    Wallace Gill Godwin (Astronomy)
    Michael Marziano (Electrical)
  • 2011
    Larry Colfer (PSSS)
    Scott Dickson (Police Academy)
    Daniel Mulhern (BUS)
  • 2010 
    Fiona Geiser (AHM)
    Ann Kistler (REA)
    Giancarlo Ricci (CPT)
  • 2009 
    Thomas Anderson (BIO)
    Rudolph Hall (PSY/SOC)
    H. Bradley Montgomery (BUS)
  • 2008 
    Rose Obeid (ESL & Arabic)
    Louis Stesis (ADJ)
    Bill Watson (DPR)
  • 2007 
    Valerie Denny (SCI)
    William Moyer, Jr. (BUS/PLG)
    Karen Troppman (AH/NUS)
  • 2006
    Beatrice Agar (AH)
    Richard Johnson (Photography)
    Stacy Roth (PSY)
  • 2005 
    Chet Darlington (Police Academy)
    Peter Chering (CHE)
    Joseph Nocella (Music)
  • 2004 
    Ralph Soifer (MATH/SCI)
    Laurence McGinn
  • 2003 
    Melissa Rahner (BUS)
    Elizabeth Smoker (NUS)
  • 2002 
    Helen Frances (SOCSCI)
  • 2001 
    Herb Anderson (CAH)
    Cathie Craner (NUS)
  • 2000 
    Tim Folkomer (SCI)
  • 1999 
    Jean Allison (ECE)
    Al Smith (BUS)