Delaware County Community College recognizes that diversity enriches life, creates energy and makes us aware that we share a common humanity. As such, diversity is one of the College’s core values. We are committed to fostering a climate that promotes understanding, appreciation and respect for the rights of all people. All members of our community are to be welcomed and empowered to achieve their personal, educational and career goals.

The mission of the Institutional Diversity Committee is to promote an inclusive culture that recognizes and embraces diversity throughout the institution by fostering a climate of understanding and respect for everyone within the College community.


  • Create a community culture that promotes diversity through the awareness, understanding and appreciation of their own and other cultures
  • Recruit, retain and empower a diverse student body with special attention to underrepresented groups
  • Infuse marginalized perspectives into the curriculum and promote pedagogical strategies that encourage student involvement and facilitate respect for diverse ideas
  • Implement employment practices that result in recruitment, retention, and promotion of diversity across all areas of the College, including the most senior administration


A variety of programs are developed throughout the academic year for students, faculty and staff to facilitate a campus climate that values all forms of diversity.

Co-curricular programs are designed to support classroom learning, while challenging and developing the thinking of the community. Any Delaware County Community College faculty who are interested in developing a co-curricular program involving a guest speaker may submit an application

Committee Members

  • Ann Binder – Director of Disability Services
  • Adriana Bohm – Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Mary Jo Boyer – Vice Provost, Vice President, Branch Campus Operations
  • Margaret F. Bartow – Provost
  • Lydia Dell’Osa – Director of International Student Services
  • Deb Funk – Administrative Assistant, STEM
  • Amy Williams Gaudioso – Director of Campus Life
  • John Glavin – Vice President, Administration and Treasurer
  • Eleanor (Ellie) Goldberg – Assistant Professor, Reference Librarian
  • Elizabeth Gray – Assistant Professor of English
  • Wayne Horn – Shipping, Mailroom Leader
  • Maria Kalinowski – Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Dan Kanak – Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Connie McCalla – Vice President, Human Resources
  • Kendrick Mickens – Director of First Year Experience
  • Jerome Parker – President, Chair of Institutional Diversity Committee
  • Madeline Somerville-Reeves – Professor, Counselor
  • Chayawan Sonchaeng – Assistant Professor, ESL
  • Anthony Straccione – Assistant Professor of Network Engineering
  • Tatiana Sviridovsky – Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Anthony Twyman – Assistant to the President for Communications
  • Ife Williams – Associate Professor of Political Science