Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

High School Dual Enrollment Testimonials

Chloe Borgesi photo"Upon deciding to attend Temple University to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, I was able to research what Delaware County Community College classes to take. With the help of Temple’s and Delaware County Community College’s resources, I am happy to say that I will be transferring 47 credits (between classes and AP tests) that are all applicable in Temple. With these credits, I am able to graduate from Temple in three years. It is due to dual enrollment that I am able to save a tremendous amount of money, time, and stress. Taking dual enrollment classes was one of the most beneficial experiences in my high school career."

-Chloe Borgesi

Chloe Borgesi photo “Dual enrollment is the best experience I could ever be a part of. Being able to get an early start on my path to my end goal of becoming a teacher is a wonderful thing. I encourage any high school student to enroll in this awesome program that they offer because in the end you will feel great about what you have accomplished for yourself in the future. The other great thing about dual enrollment is that you can get the feel of a college class and meet new people that you may see in your other classes when you start college full time. I love Delaware County Community College and what they have done to help me become more successful in not only my academics but also as a young adult. Again I encourage all high school students to jump onto this great opportunity."

-Alyssa Boppell

Alexa Plachuta photo"I graduated high school with college credits by taking two college classes as a dual enrollment student. Taking just two classes has put me ahead of my other peers. This fall, I will be finishing pre-requisites for the nursing program. I plan to enter the nursing program in the fall of 2019. From there, I will be transferring to West Chester University for my BSN. Dual Enrollment has allowed me to start on my pre-requisites and because of that I will not have a stressful first year of college. I will have time for more than just school, such as being able to work. (The College's) High School Dual Enrollment program has given me a head start into college and adulthood."

-Alexa Plachuta

"I really like how Delaware County Community College provides a great learning environment for everyone.  It’s nice to see how people of all ages can get along and learn.  I think more people should consider doing Dual Enrollment since you are able to go out of the comfort of a normal high school."

-Hannah Alexander