COVID-19 College Update

The College is open to assist you both virtually and at some select physical locations. Remote learning will continue through the summer and fall sessions. A small number of hybrid classes are offered with limited class meetings on campus and other work assigned online. Visit for more information.

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Corporate College | Supervisory Skills

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Successful Supervising (8 hours) Online/Remote Instruction Available
This class examines techniques utilized by successful supervisors across industries and provides tips for your own effective leadership.

Supervisory Workshop (30 hours, 5 modules) Online/Remote Instruction Available
Without the necessary character to lead others, a workplace culture can take a nosedive very quickly. After we define character, this class delves into five main skills of a superior supervisor or leader. They are:

  • Skill 1: Communicating Effectively
  • Skill 2: Setting Expectations
  • Skill 3: Delegating and Developing
  • Skill 4: Empowering and Motivating
  • Skill 5: Evaluating and Discipline

Effective Communication Skills (10 hours) Online/Remote Instruction Available
Without effective communication any workplace will struggle to be productive. This class teaches a supervisor how to remove barriers, build credibility, package messages diplomatically and form new and effective behavior.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace (6 hours) Online/Remote Instruction Available
Oftentimes, when people of different backgrounds are placed together, disagreements and conflict can arise. This class provides a strategy to diffuse these incidents and work toward positive outcomes

Time-Management Skills (6 hours) Online/Remote Instruction Available
This course covers tips and the importance of prioritization and timeliness at work and in life in general.

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