Updated COVID Protocols

Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination is required for all faculty, staff and students taking on-campus classes or accessing on-campus services. More information, including specifics for prospective students and visitors, is available at dccc.edu/vaccine-info. Face masks are required in all indoor facilities.

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Work Study

Work Study is a great way to earn extra money for school with a part-time job that is conveniently located on campus or in your community.

What is work study?

Work Study is a financial aid program that provides funding for eligible students to work in part-time jobs on campus or at local non-profit organizations. Students can work up to 10-15 hours a week (based on available funds) and receive a paycheck through the college.You will need to meet with the Work Study Coordinator to determine your eligibility for work study. Eligibility is determined semester by semester, and you must recheck your eligibility each term.

Students who receive work study are not guaranteed a job. Students must interview with supervisors and if hired, still perform satisfactorily in their position to maintain employment. Some characteristics of satisfactory performance our supervisors look for include: punctuality, consistency, reliability and hard work. Students who maintain satisfactory job performance all the requirements of the work study program work up to 499 hours in a year.

How do I qualify for work study?

Students should visit Student Employment Services and Co-Op Center to check their eligibility for work study. International students initially check their eligibility with the International Student Services Office. The eligibility requirements for work study are listed below.

Federal and College Work Study placement eligibility is determined by several factors including:

  • FAFSA submission
  • Fulfilling all financial aid requirements (transcript submission, loan counseling, etc.)
  • Students’ academic progress (must have a 2.0 GPA or higher and have passed 67% of classes attempted)
  • Attempted no more than 90 credits of coursework
  • Enrollment in at least 6 credits
  • Cannot work more than 499 hours in a fiscal year or earn more than $5,000 in a fiscal year
  • An operational savings or checking account for direct deposit

International Work Study placement eligibility is determined by several factors including:

  • F-1 Student Visa status
  • Completion of all ESL courses
  • Full-time enrollment
  • Student GPA (2.5 or higher)
  • Valid social security number (obtained once employment is secured)
  • Cannot work more than 499 hours or earn more than $5,000 in a fiscal year
  • An operational savings or checking account for direct deposit

What is the process for acquiring a work study position?

  1. Check your eligibility for work study with the Work Study Coordinator at Student Employment Services in Room 1305 on the Marple Campus. Students from branch campuses can email the Work Study Coordinator for eligibility information. When emailing, please provide your full name and student identification number.

  2. If you are eligible and positions are available, you will be given an eligibility card.

  3. You will discuss possible work study placements with the work study office.

  4. You will then contact supervisors of work study positions you are interested in for an interview. Some of our supervisors require a resume or ask only to be contacted by email. An interview request can be something like,

    1.  “Hello, my name is _____________________. I am a work study student at Delaware County Community College and was calling to see if I could set up an interview for the work study position you have available?”

  5. When you go to the interview you will bring your eligibility card with you. If you are hired, the supervisor will sign the eligibility card.

  6. Next, you must return the eligibility card to the Work Study Coordinator. You will then be given payroll paperwork to fill out which takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.  Many students take this paperwork home to fill out and then return it. Work study students are NOT allowed to start working until ALL payroll paperwork has been submitted properly and in its entirety.  Students will need to bring in banking information (for direct deposit) and legal identification as part of this process (see the I-9 form for appropriate forms of IDs needed). 

  7. When you return the paperwork, staff will review the paperwork to make sure it was filled out properly. 

  8. Some work study students (depending on the type of work study and the job placement) will need to obtain background checks as required by Pennsylvania Act 153 (more information will be provided to you if needed).

  9. After your payroll documentation and background checks are processed, you and your supervisor will receive a confirmation letter saying you are approved to work. At this point, you can begin working in your new position. 

  10. Your first pay check is mailed to your home and all additional are paid through direct deposit.

  11. Time cards are due every other week. You will be given a payroll schedule when hired. Time cards are required to be on time.

Work Study Handbook