Updated COVID Protocols

Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/vaccine-info for additional information.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Inducted Safe Space LBGTQ+ Allies

First Name Last Name Division
Michele Adkins Career & Counseling
Jean Allison BCSS
Jennifer Bell CAH
Steven Bell Career & Counseling
Elizabeth Biebel-Stanley CAH
Ann Binder Disability Services
Adriana Bohm BCSS
Stephanie  Booth Career & Counseling
Maria Boyd CAH
Clare  Brabson Allied Health & Nursing
Robin Brandberg Career & Counseling
Matt Brophy CAH
Heather Burns Career & Counseling
Ruth Campbell Career & Counseling
Laura Cipko CAH
Eileen Colucci Career & Counseling
Denise Danford CAH
Krissie Deck Workforce Entry Center
Sandra  Devenny STEM
Hope Diehl Recruitment & Enrollment
Kristen Doran BCSS
Christine Doyle Career & Counseling
Chris Dungee Career & Counseling
Christopher Etherington STEM
Emily Fahy Recruitment & Enrollment
Louise  Feldman Library Services
Alethia  Ferguson Career & Counseling
Gloria Fizzano Student Employment & Co-Op Services
Olivia Florek CAH
Deanna Foley Financial Aid
Diane Foster President's Office
Deb Funk STEM
Gail Furman Career & Counseling
Danamarie Gallagher CAH
Michele Geary Boyle Career & Counseling
Gina Gennari CAH
Shonna Gillespie BCSS
Allyson Gleason Campus Life
Tara Goodman Career & Counseling
Elizabeth Gray CAH
Laurie Griffith Career & Counseling
Lauren Grove Career & Counseling
Cass Hamby Marketing & Communications
Denise Hibshman Workforce Entry Center
Erica Hill-Yates BCSS
Syreita Jackson Learning Commons
Ryan Jeral Career & Counseling
Melissa Joarder CAH
Jennifer Kalligonis Career & Counseling
Eileen Kammerer Recruitment & Enrollment
Michele Keevil Career & Counseling
Janet Keith Branch Campus Operations
Kelly Kiefer Disability Services
Christine Kohute Career & Counseling
Donna Ladd Fitzgerald BCSS
Dawn Lagunas Career & Counseling
John Latourell CAH
Steven Lin STEM
Naomi Machell STEM
Helen Maguire Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Laura Mangano Career & Counseling
Nora Manz Career & Counseling
Ralph Marano Career & Counseling
Lori Marchetti STEM
Caroln Marland Career & Counseling
Elaine Marziani Workforce Entry Center
Jose Francisco Mazenett CAH
Bonnie McMeans CAH
Stone McShane Plant Operations
Susan Miller Alexander Career & Counseling
Ann Mitchell Allied Health & Nursing
Candy Moraczewski STEM
Ruth Morganto Career & Counseling
Dawn Moscariello Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Mitch Murtha Recruitment & Enrollment
Hayley Nelson BCSS
Susan Oakley Recruitment & Enrollment
Jennifer Orazi Student Employment Services
Anne-Marie O'Shea Allied Health & Nursing
Bridget Panza Career & Counseling
Regina Parks Career & Counseling
Sara Prigodich CAH
Matthew  Ralph Marketing & Communications
Susan Rapp Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Susan Ray CAH
Erica Reeves Career & Counseling
Shennelle Richards International Student Services
David Robson CAH
Andrea Rodgers Library Services
Veronica Rodriguez Recruitment & Enrollment
Brieanne Rogers Campus Life
Lynne Roginsky STEM
Stephanie  Sarafinas Career & Counseling
Susan Scalzi Nursing & Allied Health
Kathy  Schank BCSS
Valerie Schantz CAH
Charles Schnur Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Grant Snyder Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Kathleen Soltani Learning Commons-Tutoring
Jill Spelina STEM
Jason Stansberry Career & Counseling
Sara Steinman Wellness, Athletics, & Recreation
Bob Suran STEM
Erica Swenson-Danowitz Library Services
Elaine Tambon Recruitment & Enrollment
Megan Trexler CAH
Anne-Marie Verenna STEM
Susan Ward CAH
Kellie Weislogel STEM
Amy Williams Gaudioso Career & Counseling
Lori Wushensky Innovation, Teaching, & Digital Learning
Susan Zayas Assessment Services 
Current as of April 2021