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Additional Proctored Services

Partnered Testing Agencies

Delaware County Community College Testing Center is highly certified to offer a wide-range of certified exams.
To register for one of these exams, the registration process is completed through our Testing Partners site prior to taking these tests at the college.
Any additional information and test preparations can be provided through the agencies official website.

A current Government-issued ID is required, when checking-in to take an exam.

Types of Certification & Licensing Agencies

Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue delivers professional certification exams for numerous vendors.

For more information on professional certification exams offered at the College and to schedule a test, visit the Pearson Vue website at

Pearson Vue - Test Preparations

mindhub™ and its client stores offer a wide selection of test prep materials from leading publishers to help you successfully prepare for your exam.


Visit these marketplaces to purchase exam vouchers or learning materials and opt-in to receive promotions and discounts on certification practice tests, study guides, ebooks and more.


The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) measures basic essential skills in the academic content areas of reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. The objectives assessed on the TEAS exam are those which nurse educators deemed most appropriate and relevant to measure entry-level academic readiness of nursing program applicants.

The fee associated with taking the ATI TEAS exam is the responsibility of the student and is not included in the tuition fee to the nursing program. See the TEAS Testing Information for fees and registration information on the ATI TEAS exam.

Register for the ATI TEAS

  • Log on to
  • Click on "Register for TEAS" at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • The dates and location times will be located on the ATI web site.
  • After completing the registration process, testers will be required to create a user account if they do not already have one prior to purchasing the test session.
  • If choosing to take the test at another college, applicants are responsible for paying the cost to have the transcript of your scores transferred to Belhaven University. This transcript request must be requested through ATI.

Guidelines for ATI TEAS Testing

  • Total time available to test: 209 minutes (3 hours and 29 minutes)
  • Number of Test Questions: 170
    • Reading 58 minutes/48 questions
    • Math 51 minutes/34 questions
    • Science 66 minutes/54 questions
    • English and Language: 34 minutes/34 questions

For more information about the TEAS exam and related questions, click here.

ATI Logo

Praxis (ETS)

The Praxis Series provides tests and other services for states to use as part of the teacher licensing and certification process. 

All Praxis® tests are delivered by computer, except for Braille Proficiency (0633). Some tests are offered continuously while others are offered in testing windows that occur several times a year.

For more information on professional certification exams offered at DCCC and to schedule a test, visit the Praxis website at

Praxis (ETS) - Test Preparations

Praxis (ETS) offers a selection of preparation and study materials and guides. For more info, visit Praxis Test Prep.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP examinations measure a person’s knowledge of the material covered in introductory college courses. You may have acquired this knowledge in non-traditional settings (on the job, studying on one’s own, etc.). CLEP credit is treated as transfer credit and is awarded only for a passing score. Non-passing scores do not appear on transcripts.

CLEP Exam Registration Tutorial

The current cost of the CLEP test is $89. The fee must be paid online, in advance, by debit or credit card at

Once registered for an exam through CLEP. Students are to contact Assessment Services to schedule an appointment for their test. An additional $35 fee is required on the day of the exam. To schedule, contact Assessment Services by email: [email protected] or by phone: (610) 359-5320.

Preparing for the ATI TEAS

The ATI Study Manual – 6th Edition is available for purchase at The following items are also available for purchase at

  • Learning strategies
  • TEAS Pre-Test Study Manual
  • TEAS Online Practice Assessments
  • TEAS transcripts

The current cost of the ATI-TEAS test is $85. However, the fee will be increasing to $92 starting July 1st. The fee must be paid online, in advance, by debit or credit card at

Scheduled Test Date

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to the test testing site. The test will be given in the Testing Center (Room 4260) Located in the Academic Building at the Marple Campus. Late arrivals (depending) will either be placed into the next testing session or will need to make an appointment to reschedule for a new test date.
  • Bring the following to the testing site:
    • ​​​​​A government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)
    • A printed receipt confirming your registration
    • Username and password assigned when registering/paying for the exam
    • No calculators, cell phones, cameras, pagers, tablets, iPods or other electronic devices are allowed by testers during the test.
    • No sunglasses, hats, or hoods allowed in the testing area.
    • No food or drinks allowed in the testing area.
    • Children of applicants are NOT allowed in the testing area.
    • No personal items are to enter the testing center. Delaware County Community College will not be responsible for personal items, and suggests that these items be left in another safe place.
    • Paper and pencils will be provided by the test proctor.
    • Restrooms and water facilities are located on the same floor as the testing center.