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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

2015 Student Writing Journal

Composition I

Brian Baxter
“The Deep Hole: Why is the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Such Dreadful Poverty?”

Michael Blanche
“Maus: A Modern Staple to a Postmodern Stack of Papers”

Alex Bundrick
"Double X Files"

Katelyn Jones
“The Butler”

Teresa McCloskey

Mario Mousoupetros
“Capturing Control”

Kimberly Presnell
“In Vitro Meat: Could We Be a Culture of Cultured Meat?”

Jessica Ramos

Matthew Lapish
“The Effects of Minimal Trade With Cuba”

Writing About Literature

Scott Duffy
“Oh, To Be Heard”

Michelle Maiden
“Pathologies in Fight Club”

Rachael Mersky
“Assimilation for Acceptance: Cultural stereotypes and the Role of Social Pressure on Assimilation and Acceptance Luis Valdez’s Los Vendidos

Steven Piccirelli

 Allie Wilson
“Limitless: An Analysis of Richard Bausch’s “Belle Starr” as a Transgressor”

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