Updated COVID Protocols

Face masks are required in all indoor facilities regardless of vaccination status. Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for students, employees and visitors. Visit dccc.edu/vaccine-info for additional information.

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Student Handbook - College Policies & Procedures

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Procedures Involving Injury or Illness

When an injury or illness occurs on any campus or center, Safety and Security is to be contacted immediately. Security Officers are certified in CPR/AED. All faculty, staff, students and visitors are authorized to call 911 in the event of a medical emergency. Phones are located around the buildings. If you are calling from a College phone, you must first dial a 9 to get an outside line (9-911)

Notifying the Department of Safety and Security
Safety and Security should be contacted. This allows for the most efficient emergency response due to the multiple building locations and the size of our campuses.
Marple Campus, 610-359-5111
Southeast Center, 610-359-5733
Downingtown Campus, 484-237-6222
Exton Center, 610-450-6303
Pennocks Bridge Campus, 610-869-5100
Upper Darby Center, 610-723-1240

When notifying the Department of Safety and Security, please inform security of your name, the location of the ill or injured person (try to ascertain the room number or the closest room number where the medical emergency is located) and the condition of the person needing medical attention. If the location is outside, try to describe the area where you are.
A Security Officer will be sent to the location of the incident.
A Security Officer will assess the situation and determine if 911 needs to be called.
• If emergency responders are not needed, the Security Officer will make every effort to have someone stay with the ill or injured person until they are feeling better.
• If the ill or injured person has someone picking them up, the Security Officer will ensure that the ill or injured person has someone to take them to the pick-up location.

The Security Officer may direct the person to the bookstore to purchase over the counter first aid items.

The Security Officer will prepare an incident report on all Injuries and Illnesses. A copy of the incident report will be sent to the College Wellness Coordinator.

Preferential Registration for Veterans

Act 46 of 2014 requires public institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania to provide veteran students, as defined in the Act, with preference in course scheduling. Non-compliance may be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by submitting the Higher Education Student Complaint form found at www.education.state.pa.us.

A veteran student:

• Has served in the United States Armed Forces, including a reserve component and National Guard
• Was discharged or released from such service under conditions other than dishonorable
• Has been admitted to Delaware County Community College
• Resides in Pennsylvania while enrolled at the College

Course scheduling preference means that veteran students are able to start registering for courses sooner than students with the same class standing. The course schedule is available on the College’s website (www.dccc.edu/class-search) and on delaGATE in advance of the start of registration.

At Delaware County Community College veteran students will be able to register for courses on the two business days before formal registration for Fall and Spring courses begin. An email will be sent to identified veteran students indicating the dates, times and campus locations at the Marple Campus and branch campuses for priority advisement and registration. Veteran students must bring proof of service.

This policy will be posted in the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Campus Life Offices, at branch campus student affairs areas and other offices providing veterans services. It will also be on the College website, in the online catalog and student handbook, and advising materials distributed to students and advisors before registration begins for fall and spring.

Lost and Found

The College is not liable for any loss or theft of personal property on campus. Any items found should be taken immediately to the Security Office at the reception desk in room 2200 in the Academic Building at the Marple Campus. Items found at satellite campuses should be taken to security.

Recreational Transportation Equipment

Due to fire and operator safety concerns, skateboards and hoverboards are not permitted anywhere on Delaware County Community College Grounds/Buildings. The term "Hoverboards" includes but is not limited to self-balancing scooters, hands-free segways & electric powered skateboards.

General Parking and Traffic Regulations

There is no fee charged for parking at any College locations and no parking sticker is required. Student parking is available, on a “first-come” basis. Cars must be parked between two white parking space lines only. Parking is prohibited in the Fire Lane. Overnight parking is not permitted unless authorized by the director of security and safety or designee. The College is not responsible for losses due to theft or damage to vehicles.

Application of Regulations
College Employees
College employees (faculty, staff and contract employees) are authorized to park in reserved staff and faculty lots 1 through 3 at the Marple Campus. If an employee does not want to use the reserved parking,
parking in general parking lots is permitted.

At the Marple Campus, students are authorized to park only in general parking lots A through H and J through O and must park between two white parking space lines only. Parking is prohibited in the Fire Lane circle in front of the FH building at the Marple Campus. No parking sticker is necessary.

Handicapped (staff, faculty and students)
Persons with a Pennsylvania (or other state) handicap vehicle registration plate or placard, or a Severely Disabled Veteran registration are the only persons permitted to park in handicap parking spaces. Handicap parking places are located in lot 1. These regulations are in compliance
with Pennsylvania state vehicle statutes.

For temporary disabling conditions one must apply for a temporary placard from the state in which they reside; the Wellness Coordinator has the Pennsylvania forms available. For those temporary disabling
conditions not covered under Pennsylvania state vehicle statutes, one must apply for temporary medical parking with the Wellness Coordinator. There are eight (8) temporary medical spaces located in lot 2 at the Marple Campus that may be used while awaiting receipt of the state placard or as authorized by the director of safety and security. A doctor’s note is required.

A handicap permit authorizes parking in any designated (i.e., lined) space when there are no spaces available in the handicap parking area. 

Parking at Off-Campus Centers
Students are authorized to park only in general parking areas between two white lines. Students may not park in any space signed or designated as faculty/staff parking or in those spaces marked with yellow lines to signify Guest Parking. Parallel parking along curb lines is prohibited.

Handicap parking is permitted only when there is a state issued handicap license plate or placard displayed on the vehicle.

Parking/Traffic and Enforcement Regulations
The director of security and safety or designee is authorized to enforce traffic and parking regulations and to establish procedures in accordance with these regulations.

Parking Fines
Fines are assessed for all offenses ticketed. Violations are:
• Parking prohibited where signs erected or yellow line
• Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
• Parking within an intersection of roadway
• Parking within a crosswalk /on grass areas
• Parking in area designated handicapped or disabled
• Stop sign violation
• Taking more than one parking space / obstrcting other vehicles
• Unauthorized parking in Temporary Medical parking spaces

Speed limits on campus are as follows:
• 10 mph in all parking lots
• 15 mph on roadways where designated
• 25 mph on the loop road as designated

Grades and transcripts will be withheld until payment of the fine is made. Three unpaid tickets may result in loss of parking privileges. If four or more violations occur, further disciplinary steps may be assessed. The director of security and safety may withdraw parking privileges for violations. 

Penalties are as follows:

  • First Offense $30 fine
  • Second Offense $40 fine
  • Third Offense $55 fine
  • Fourth Offense Disciplinary Action
  • Handicap Offense $105 fine

Towing: Vehicles that remain parked on any campus overnight without authorization, vehicles that present a traffic hazard, vehicles that have three unpaid tickets, vehicles with fourth offense of parking/traffic regulations or vehicles that impede the normal functions of the College are subject to towing and storage at owner’s expense.

Appeals: Tickets for parking or traffic violations issued by the College may be appealed through the Security Department within ten (10) days of the invoice date. The final level of review for contested tickets is the director of plant operations and construction services.

Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings

In the event of inclement weather, the College may choose to have a delayed opening or to close. To obtain the most up-to-date information about the current status, students should consult the College’s website. The College issues a recorded telephone message to students, faculty, and staff to a number designated for such use. To update your Emergency Notification Settings, log into delaGATE.

Students and staff should use their own judgment as to whether they can make it to campus without jeopardizing their own safety or the safety of others.