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Pennsylvania College of Art & Design - Dual Admission Agreement

This Agreement is initiated this day March 11, 2015 between Delaware County Community College, hereafter referred to as "DCCC" and Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, hereafter referred to as "PCA&D," a private, independent college in Lancaster, PA.


The purpose of this Articulation Agreement is to establish collaboration between these two institutions in an effort to facilitate the transfer and degree completion of students who have earned the A.F.A. in Graphic Design to the B.F.A. in Graphic Design, and students who have earned the A.F.A. in Photography to the B.F.A. in Photography.  The Agreement reflects an academically sounds joint program which will lead to an efficient use of each institution's resources and guarantees admission to those students who meet hte terms and conditions that are set forth in this document.

I. Goals

To offer the students at DCCC the opportunity to pursue the third and fourth years of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, or Photography.  The parties to this collaboration will offer the appropriate combination of courses (lower level courses offered at DCCC and upper level courses offered at PCA&D) to ensure that a student can complete the requirements of the B.F.A. degree within a specified period of time.  Students who enter the PCA&D under this agreement will transfer their DCCC degree in its entirety, and can complete the B.F.A. requirements in four semesters of full-time enrollment by following the curriculum plan as published in the PCA&D catalog.  While this agreement accepts the completion of the A.F.A. degree at DCCC in entirety toward PCA&D's lower-level requirements, the completion of 1-2 additional courses specific tot he ajor may be necessary for a smoother transfer experience and/or to provide students the essential technical skills or a wide variety of course selection (such as competency for HTML or CSS in Graphic Design).  

II. Terms and Conditions

  • Entry to PCA&D is limited to fall semester.
  • Students must graduate DCCC with an overall 2.5 cumulative GPA; 3.0 average in studio classes.
  • Although it is recommended that the Intent to Enroll Form be completed by the time the student has completed 30 transferable college-level credits from DCCC, students may submit an Intent to Enroll Form at any time prior to filing application for admission to PCA&D.
  • Students should file the PCA&D application for admission by April 1, preceding fall enrollment.
  • Students must apply for admission either in their last semester at DCCC or within one year after graduation from DCCC and not have matriculated in another bachelor degree program prior to enrollment at PCA&D.
  • Application fees for students applying under this agreement are waived.
  • The portfolio requirement is waived for students applying under this agreement.
  • DCCC graduates enrolling at PCA&D with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above are eligible for a $1000 PCA&D Partnership Scholarship, renewable for one year.
  • Courses completed over and above the DCCC AFA degree requirements will not transfer for additional credit nor for standing above that which has been awarded for the DCCC AFA degree.

III. Ongoing Collaboration/Modification/Termination

In the spirit of articulation, faculty representatives from both institutions agree to meet regularly, but no less than annually, to re-examine this agreement and discuss ways to enhance and strengthen this collaboration.  The term of this agreement will be in effect upon the date of the final signature.  This agreement will be in effect for a three year term, which will renew automatically for the span of three terms.  Partner institutions agree to communicate program changes in a timely manner to avoid disruption to student progress toward degree completion.  Modification of this agreement must be made between the institutions in writing and signed by all parties.  Either party may terminate this Agreement upon 6 months written notice to the Transfer Office of either institution.  In the event of termination, each party agrees, to the extent reasonably and financially practiceable, to continue the program until each student fully or conditionally admitted has (a) the opportunity to complete the desired degree, (b) had hte opportunity to complete the degree with substituted courses of a smiliar course content, or (c) chosen to complete and equivalent degree at another institution.

IV. Designated Representatives

The following are the designated program representatives for each institution for the purpose of implementing this agreement and for any notices required to be given under this agreement.  

For Pennsylvania College of Art & Design: Pam Richardson, Dean of Students, [email protected], 717-396-7833 x1012. For Delaware County Community College: Nora Manz, Associate Director of Transfer and Articulation, Email, 610-359-5060.

We, the undersigned, agree to the articulation of requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Photography.  This Agreement is effective upon the execution date of this Agreement.

Signatures on file in the Transfer Office.