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Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination is required for all faculty, staff and students taking on-campus classes or accessing on-campus services. More information, including specifics for prospective students and visitors, is available at dccc.edu/vaccine-info. Face masks are required in all indoor facilities.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Drexel University Dual Admission Agreement


Drexel University ("Drexel") and Delaware County Community College ("DCCC") enter into the following agreement (the "Agreement") to facilitate the guaranteed transfer of DCCC graduates to Drexel for completion of a bachelor's degree upon satisfaction of specific conditions. Participation in this Dual Admission Agreement guarantees qualified DCCC graduates admission into a closely-related undergraduate program at Drexel. While some lower level courses may still be required, DCCC students will enter Drexel with the equivalent of third-year full-time standing (pre-junior or junior depending on co-op program) for completion of a bachelor's degree consistent with the respective program-to-program plan of study. Through dual admission, students obtain guaranteed admission to Drexel with institutional aid and targeted admissions counseling, and DCCC graduated students with associate degrees.

Terms and Conditions

Admissions Practices

  1. This Dual Admission Agreement program is communicated to students enrolled at DCCC through multiple venues.
  2. Entry Points
    a. Students enrolled at DCCC who intend to complete a Drexel bachelor's degree in a Drexel full-time academic program may complete a DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form before the completion of no more than 45 college-level semester credits from DCCC including credits accepted by DCCC from any other college/university. Students who do not submit the DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form are not qualified for guaranteed admissions to Drexel as specified in this agreement.

    b. Information from the completed DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form will generally be transferred to Drexel within two weeks. Each student who has completed a DCCC Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form will receive a communication from Drexel indicating the admissions requirements relevant to the intended degree detailing the current requirements; these requirements will remain in effect for the student regardless of changes made to the requirements in future years; in some cases, changes may be  handled according to the processes that apply to any Drexel student.
  3. A Dual Admission student will progress through the DCCC program and complete the Drexel admissions application process for the program of interest during the students final semester at DCCC or within a one (1) year period following the award of the DCCC associate degree.
  4. lt is expected that students will exhibit high academic performance at DCCC and that students will maintain at least the minimum GPA required for entry into the respective Drexel bachelor's degree program listed in Exhibit A.
  5. DCCC students under this Dual Admission agreement must meet similar admissions criteria as other students applying for transfer to Drexel.  As part of the overall admission process, admission to Drexel is granted into the intended Drexel program if a student meets the following criteria:

    a. Student is in good academic standing at DCCC (i.e., not on academic probation);
    b. Student is in good social standing (satisfactory student conduct record with no unresolved disciplinary issues) at DCCC;
    c. Student is free of any disciplinary issues at all post-secondary schools attended;
    d. As required of all admitted or re-admitted students to Drexel, the student will be required to answer the criminal history disclosure question on the Drexel application and may be subject to further review if there is a disclosure; note that a prior criminal history issue does not necessarily disqualify a student from admission to Drexel;
    e. Student meets the minimum final cumulative GPA requirement for the specific Drexel program of interest; the cumulative GPA combines the DCCC GPA and the GPA calculated from other post-secondary transcripts for the courses that apply to the respective program to program transfer articulation.
    f. Drexel reserves the right to review prior transcripts before admission to DCCC. ln order to receive a merit scholarship, such transcripts must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale). Drexel will allow a student to appeal this condition based on extenuating circumstances that might have occurred.
    g. Students must have successfully completed all graduation requirements from their program of study at DCCC and must graduate from the Associate Degree program at DCCC prior to enrollment in the Drexel program;
    h. Student has not attended any institution of higher education between graduating from DCCC and enrolling at Drexel.
    i. A student who was previously enrolled in a degree program at Drexel University is defined by Drexel as a student seeking readmission to Drexel and is ineligible for this program.

The cumulative GPA calculated by Drexel (on a 4.0 scale) is the calculation of quality points divided by the number of credits. The GPA calculation for a student with only a DCCC transcript will include all courses with all occurrences taken into account for courses that apply to the respective program-program transfer articulation. The GPA calculation and other conditions for a student with transcript(s) from other regionally-accredited institutions and a DCCC transcript (which will include at least 45 DCCC semester credits) will be as follows: The cumulative GPA calculated by Drexel (on a 4.0 scale) includes courses that were accepted from other community colleges including all occurrences, and the courses taken at DCCC including all occurrences that fulfill the respective program to program transfer articulation. The GPA calculated by Drexel is the cumulative GPA that will be used for admission and financial aid (scholarship) purposes.


  1. All students interested in applying for Dual Admission must complete the DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form as early as possible but before the completion of a total of not more than 45 college level semester credits from DCCC including credits accepted by DCCC from any other college/university.
  2. DCCC students who wish to transfer to Drexel will be required to complete the Drexel admissions application process for the program of interest. The completed admissions application must be submitted during the student's final semester at DCCC or within a one (1) year period following the award of the DCCC Associate Degree. Students must apply to the Drexel program by the posted Drexel application deadline for the given program. Full-time enrollment must occur within one year of application and admission to Drexel. The typical admission term for transfer students is fall term, but some programs may admit in another term; this must be determined at the time that the DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Form is submitted.

    • Fall term enrollment is preferred. Winter, spring or summer term enrollment does not apply to all Drexel programs; applicants must follow the key dates and deadlines set by Drexel. Note that enrollment eligibility dates and deadlines are subject to change and applicants must adhere to the current dates posted.
  3. DCCC will transmit information to Drexel via e-mail to the appropriate Drexel contact(s).
  4. Students will be required to satisfy the specific admission requirements established by the college or program at Drexel in which the student intends to enroll. The applicable admissions requirements will be those in effect as of the date of the student's completion of the DCCC Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form. The requirements in effect as of the date of this Agreement are outlined in Exhibit A. Drexel reserves the right to change such admissions requirements at any time; in the event of a change, DCCC will be notified by Drexel before new admissions requirements are made effective and are posted as a revision to Exhibit A. Updated requirements will go into effect for students completing the DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form upon posting those requirements.
  5. Following acceptance to Drexel, DCCC students will be required to notify Drexel of any material change to the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in their application prior to their enrollment and matriculation at Drexel.
  6. ln accordance with Drexel's Transfer of Credit policy:
    a. To receive transfer credit for DCCC courses, the courses must be substantially equivalent to courses offered in the desired curriculum at Drexel and must receive a C or higher in each course.
    b. Undergraduate transfer credit must be approved by the undergraduate advisor of the program in which the student is enrolled. The maximum number of credits that may be transferred into a Drexel undergraduate program is 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits). Transfer credit limits for degree completion programs may be higher. Transfer credits above stated limits may be accepted with approval of the program and the Office of the Provost.
    c. Students should refer to the plan of study for the particular degree of preference; see Program-to-Program Guides in Exhibit B. Drexel reserves the right to change plans of study at any time; in the event of a change, DCCC will be notified by Drexel before new plans of study are made effective and are posted as a revision to Exhibit B.

Financial Assistance

  1. DCCC students applying to Drexel under this Dual admission agreement will receive an admissions application fee waiver and, based on merit, these minimum guaranteed annual scholarships based on total GPA calculated by Drexel as described in Section A:5:e:
Total Cumulative GPA Guaranteed Annual Merit Scholarship
3.00 - 3.25 $4,000
3.26 - 3.50 $8,000
3.51 - 3.75 $12,000
3.76 - 4.00 $16,000

2. Dual Admission students transferring to Drexel under this agreement are fully eligible for federal, state, and additional institutional aid, based on need and/or merit, when admitted to Drexel.

3. At the time of this agreement, in order to maintain a scholarship, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 at Drexel must be maintained; this standard will be reviewed prior to fall term each year.

4. All merit scholarships are applied during class terms and are not applied while students are on co-op. Students must maintain full-time status, be in good academic standing and achieve university-stated GPA as reviewed prior to fall term each year. The university-stated GPA is published each year and is currently 2.75.

Joint Responsibilities

  1. Drexel and DCCC agree that each entity will develop and implement coordinated advertising and promotional efforts to communicate the benefits of the Dual Admission program.
  2. Drexel and DCCC will ensure that appropriate personnel in their respective colleges are aware of the Dual Admission program and are encouraged to support it. such persons include admissions staff, counselors, career planning and placement officers, transfer coordinators, veteran's services staff and appropriate deans and faculty.
  3. Drexel and DCCC are each responsible for identifying and communicating to each other, changes in their respective courses, requirements or policies that affect this Agreement.
  4. Drexel and DCCC agree to work on program-to-program transfer guides that specify for DCCC transfer students the DCCC courses that satisfy major requirements needed to complete a degree at Drexel.
  5. Drexel and DCCC agree to exchange aggregate data annually that will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of this Dual Admission agreement, enhance the transfer process, and promote effective cooperation between institutions.
  6. Drexel and DCCC agree to exchange course review and updated information upon request.


  1. This Agreement will be reviewed by both Parties annually. The term of this Agreement shall be for five (5) years, commencing January 1, 2017 and expiring December 31, 2022. Either institution may terminate this Agreement at any time by written notice at least one (1) year in advance of the effective date of termination. Should this Agreement be terminated by either party, it is understood that all currently enrolled students at DCCC that have completed a DCCC Drexel Dual Admission Intent to Enroll Form will continue to receive the benefits articulated in the Agreement for a period of four years beyond the effective date of termination.
  2. This Agreement may only be revised or modified by a written amendment signed by the authorized representatives of both parties. However, the requirements set forth in Exhibit A may be revised at any time at the sole discretion of Drexel. ln the event of a revision of Exhibit A, DCCC will be notified by Drexel before new admissions requirements are made effective and are posted as a revision to Exhibit A. This Agreement and its exhibits represent the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject malter covered herein and is written to accompany and become attached to this Dual Admissions Agreement.


  1. GOVERNING LAW; JURISDICTION: This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for litigation of any disputes arising under this Agreement.
  2. ENTIRE AGREEMENT; MODIFICATION: This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and cannot be amended or modified, except in a writing signed by both parties. The parties shall not be bound by any agreements, conditions, or representations not contained in this Agreement.
  3. INTERPRETATION; ORDER OF PRECEDENCE: ln the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the terms of this Agreement and the terms of any of its attachments or exhibits, the terms of this Agreement shall control.
  4. ASSIGNMENT: Neither Drexel or DCCC may assign this Agreement without prior written consent of the other Party.
  5. SEVERABILITY: The invalidity or unenforceability of any particular provision of this Agreement shall not affect the other provisions of this Agreement, and this Agreement shall be construed in all respects as if such invalid or unenforceable provision was omitted.
  6. AUTHORITY: Both parties represent and warrant that (i) each has the respective corporate or other power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder; (ii) the person who executes this Agreement on behalf of each of Drexel and DCCC, respectively, has the necessary authority to bind Drexel and DCCC; and (iii) neither the execution and delivery of this Agreement, nor the performance of its obligations hereunder, will constitute a violation of, a default under, or conflict with any term or provision of its  respective certificate of incorporation, by-laws or other agreements to which it is bound.
  7. NOTICES: All notices and other communications pertaining to this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed duly to have been given if personally delivered to the other party, sent by facsimile or if sent by the United States Postal Service certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid or by Federal Express, United Parcel Service or other nationally-recognized overnight carrier. All notices or communications between Drexel and Service Provider pertaining to this Agreement shall be addressed as follows:
lf to Drexel:
N. John DiNardo, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104
With a copy to:
Drexel University                
Office of the General Counsel
The Left Bank
3180 Chestnut Street, Suite 101                                   
Philadelphia, PA 19104
If to DCCC:
Transfer Office
Delaware County Community College           
901 S. Media Line Road
Media, PA 19063

Either party may change its notification address by giving written notice to that effect to the other party in the manner provided herein. Notices shall be effective upon receipt.

8. COUNTERPARTS; FACSIMILE AND ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES: Provided that all parties execute a copy of this Agreement, this Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall constitute an original, and all of which together shall constitute one and the same document. This Agreement may be executed by the parties and transmitted by facsimile or electronic transmission, and, if so executed and transmitted, shall be effective as if the parties had delivered an executed original of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties, intending to be legally bound, have caused this agreement to be executed by their duly authorized representatives as of the date indicated below.
Signatures are on file in the Transfer Office

Exhibit A: Admissions Requirements

Drexel University College

Cumulative GPA Requirement Additional Requirements International Applicants
College of Arts & Sciences GPA (except Biological Sciences and Physics) 3.0: GPA Biological Sciences 3.2: GPA Physics: 3.5.
  • Biological Sciences: 3.00 cumulative in all science coursework taken.  Biology I and II needed with a B or better as prerequisite requirements.
  • Physics: 3.00 cumulative in all science coursework taken.
  • Chemistry: 3.00 average in all Calculus and Chemistry Courses.
  • Mathematics: Completion of Calculus I and II with a B or better.
Applicants whose first language is not English must take the TOEFL IBT or IELTS tests unless the applicant has completed 24 college-level credits including English Composition I and Ii having earned a grade of C or higher from a regionally accredited institution in the United States. The minimum score for the TOEFL IBT is 79 total with a score of 20 in each subsection; the minimum score for the IELTS is a 6.5 overall with a score of 6.5 in each subsection.
College of Engineering GPA (all Engineering majors) 3.0 GPA; non-Engineering majors 2.75
  • These additional requirements exclude Engineering Technology and non-Engineering majors (e.g. Properly Management, Construction Management) which will have no additional requirements outside of GPA requirement.
  • Engineering majors (non-Engineering Technology) Cumulative 3.00 in science and mathematics coursework
    • Engineering majors (non-Engineering Technology) Completion of Calculus I, Chemistry, Physics with a grade of C or higher.
School of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering will be ineligible for the formal Dual Admission program.  Applicants are encouraged to apply through the traditional application process.  
LeBow College of Business GPA (except Business and Engineering major) 2.50 N/A
Close School of Entrepreneurship GPA 2.50 N/A
College of Computing and Informatics GPA (CST, IS) 2.75 Computer Science, Data Science, and Software Engineering will be ineligible for the formal Dual Admissions program.  Applicants are encouraged to apply through the traditional application process.
School of Hospitality and Sport Management GPA 2.50 N/A
School of Public Health GPA 2.75 N/A
School of Education GPA 3.00
  • Completion and passing score on PAPPA exam
  • Permanent Resident/US Citizen
Goodwin College of Professional Studies GPA 2.50 N/A
College of Nursing & Health Professions GPA (non-Health Sciences and Nutrition) 2.50
  • Health Sciences applicants must also have a cumulative 2.75 in all science coursework.
  • Nutrition applicants must take two sciences and receive a B or higher in these courses.
  • BSN co-op (Nursing) will be ineligible for the formal Dual Admission program.  Applicants are encouraged to apply through the traditional application process.
Westphal College of Media Arts and Design The majors within the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design will be ineligible for the formal Dual Admission program. Students are encouraged to apply through the traditional application process.
Pennoni Honors College The Custom Designed major will be ineligible for the formal Dual Admission program. Students are encouraged to apply through the traditional
application process.

These academic requirements were agreed upon by the Drexel Office of Admissions, the Office of the provost, and each Drexel College/School within Drexel. They will be re-evaluated annually and updated according to the terms of this MOU. Academic requirements in force at the time they execute the DCCC-Drexel Dual Admission Form will apply for subsequent admission.

Exhibit B: Program-to-Program Guides

Program-to-Program articulations complete or in progress
x - Drexel-DCCC review
* - see additional requirements in Exhibit A

    CUM GPA  
Architectural Engineering/Mech BS 3.0* TBD
Architectural Engineering/Struct BS 3.0* TBD
Chemical Engineering BS 3.0* x
Civil Engineering BS 3.0* TBD
Computer Engineering BS 3.0* x

Electrical Engineering

BS 3.0* x
Engineering Technology - EET   2.75 x
Engineering Technology - MET BS 2.75 x
Environmental Engineering BS 3.0* x
Materials Science and Engineering BS 3.0* x
Mechanical Engineering BS 3.0* x
Biological Sciences BS 3.2* x
Chemistry BS 3.0* x
Communication BA 3.0 x
Communication (Journalism) BA 3.0 x
Criminology and Justice Studies BS 3.0 x
English BA 3.0 x
History BA 3.0 x
Mathematics BS 3.0* x
Sociology BA 3.0 x
Entrepreneurship and Innovation BA 2.50 x
Business Administration, Accounting BSBA 2.50 x
Business Administration, Marketing BSBA 2.50 x
Business Administration, Finance BSBA 2.50 x
Public Health     TBD
CNHP-Health Professions      
Health Sciences     TBD
Nutrition     TBD
Health Services Administration     TBD
Behavioral Health Counseling     TBD
Computing and Security      
Technology BS 2.57 x
Information Systems BS 2.75 x
Culinary Arts and Sciences BS 2.50 x
Hospitality Management BS 2.50 x
Sport Management BS 2.50 x
General Studies BS 2.50 x
General Studies BS 2.50 x