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Cheyney University - Guaranteed Admission & Core-to-Core Agreement


Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (CU) and Delaware County Community College (DCCC) enter into this Transfer Agreement to facilitate the seamless transfer of DCCC students, who have earned an A.A., A.S., A.A.S., or A.F.A. degree, to CU.

There are two complementary components to this agreement, the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement and the Core-to-Core Transfer component. This agreement is applicable to full and part time DCCC students in good academic standing.

Guaranteed Admission Component

This component guarantees that DCCC students will be admitted to CU, provided that DCCC students satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Graduate from DCCC with an Associate in Arts (A.A.), an Associate in Science (A.S.), an Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A) or an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)  degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000;
  2. Complete an Intent to Enroll form no later than six months and no earlier than two years before their expected matriculation date at CU;
  3. Agree to submit a new Intent to Enroll form, if the major or admission date changes from the original Intent to Enroll form;
  4. Attend on a full or part-time basis;
  5. Acknowledge that prior attendance at CU disqualifies the student from participation in this agreement; and complete DCCC courses with a passing grade (A, B, C or D). Courses with a “D” grade will be treated in the same manner as native CU students.

Under the terms of this agreement, DCCC students will be admitted to the major of their choice and accommodated in capped major programs provided they meet the major specific requirements (minimum grade point average, major course prerequisites, total credit accumulation, et al). Admission to majors with GPA restrictions (currently graphic design and all education programs) is not guaranteed through this agreement. Students who express an interest in majors with admission restrictions are strongly encouraged to work with the DCCC Transfer Office and contact the CU academic departments where the major resides for more information.

To earn a CU degree, 30 of the last 45 credits must be taken from CU. In addition, students will take at least 50% of credits required for the Major from a State System University. This is in accordance with the State System’s academic residency requirements.

Applicants who meet the established CU grade point average requirements will be eligible for consideration for merit based scholarships. Additional information can be found on CU’s website.

Students with an Intent to Enroll form on file who complete the CU application process must submit all required materials by the published deadlines and meet all admissions requirements.

DCCC students will be governed by the graduation requirements at the time of their matriculation to CU.

Applicants must complete the CU application process, including the submission of all required materials by June 1st for the fall semester, and by November 1st for the spring semester. Applicants will receive notification of an admission decision no later than thirty (30) days after the submission of the completed application package.

Core-to-Core Transfer Component

Within the Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement, CU agrees to accept the general education courses embedded within the DCCC Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree programs as meeting its general education requirements with the following exception:

a) 3 credits in African Americans in the Global Context course (AAS210),

Under the Core-to-Core agreement, students who graduate from DCCC with an A.A. or A.S. degree and a minimum 2.000 cumulative GPA are guaranteed admission and to have satisfied the CU general education requirements. These requirements include the following areas, Core Requirements (19 credits, exclusive of, African American in the Global Context (AAS210) and the Distribution Requirements (19 credits).

DCCC students graduating with an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) or Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) degree are not eligible for the Core-to-Core transfer component.

Under this agreement, a full-time student admitted to CU with third year (junior) status will be able to complete a Bachelor’s degree in a parallel program at CU within four semesters of full-time study, provided the student has completed the appropriate A.A. or A.S. degree program at DCCC, meets the major program requirements upon admission to CU, has satisfied all required prerequisite courses, and appropriately sequences the remaining courses at CU while maintaining full-time status.

Core-to-Core transfer does not alter the requirements of the student’s major field of study or its admissions standard as identified in the CU catalog.

Obligations of Cheyney University

  1. To attend regularly scheduled “Transfer Day” or similar transfer recruitment programs at DCCC.
  2. To collaborate in the creation of the Intent to Enroll form and Transfer Fact Sheet.
  3. To invite DCCC students who have completed the Intent to Enroll form to Open House/Campus Visit events for information, advising and related recruitment and/or academic activities with CU faculty and staff in order to facilitate smooth curricular and co-curricular integration to CU.
  4. CU will waive the application fee of any DCCC student who participates in the Guaranteed Admission and Core-to Core Transfer Agreement.
  5. To ensure DCCC students will be provided with CU financial aid information and receive full consideration for CU financial aid upon matriculation at CU.
  6. To support and accept the Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer agreement as stipulated in the Preface.
  7. Upon confirmation of an earned A.A. or A.S. degree and receipt of a final official transcript, CU will make a Core-to-Core notation on the student’s degree progress report and other pertinent student records.
  8. To ensure that DCCC graduates entering CU under the terms of this Agreement meet all applicable CU requirements and deadlines pertaining to orientation, registration and payment of tuition and fees.
  9. To collaborate with DCCC on Program-to-Program Articulation Agreements that specify which DCCC courses will satisfy major requirements for degree completion at CU.
  10. To waive placement tests for DCCC graduates who transfer to CU under this agreement.
  11. To ensure that DCCC students who matriculate at CU under the Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement will have all the rights and privileges of other CU students, and will be subject to and abide by the policies, procedures, and any revisions thereof which apply to all CU students.

Obligations of Delaware County Community College

  1. Identify students and assist them with completion and submission of all required forms for enrollment in the Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement, including submission of the Intent to Enroll form within the established deadlines.
  2. Provide the students with information on the CU admissions requirements for their specific program of study.
  3. Mail or transmit all Intent to Enroll forms to the CU Director of Admissions or the appropriate designee.
  4. Notify CU Director of Admissions or the appropriate designee when students withdraw from the Guaranteed Admission and/or Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement.
  5. Explain all Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement requirements to students, including the need to send an official transcript verifying receipt of the associate degree upon completion of their last semester.
  6. Publicize this Agreement to prospective and current DCCC students in its promotional literature, social media and website.
  7. Make arrangements for CU recruiters and advisors to visit DCCC and meet with prospective and current Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement students.

Joint Obligations

  1. CU and DCCC will consult with each other through appropriate channels prior to implementing changes in policy or curricula that directly affect students transferring under the terms of this Agreement;
  2. To review this Agreement annually and, if needed, make mutually agreed upon changes. Such changes will become effective when both DCCC and CU sign a revised, updated document;
  3. To collaborate in providing students with information and academic advising about this Agreement, CU academic requirements, and the process of transferring to CU;
  4. To collaborate in the development of a DCCC/CU General Education Guide to assist students in A.A.S. or A.F.A. degree programs with the successful completion of CU general education requirements prior to their transfer to CU;
  5. To develop and implement advertising and promotional efforts to communicate the benefits of the Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreement between the two institutions;
  6. To designate a representative or representatives at each institution who will coordinate the relevant activities of this Transfer Agreement between the two institutions;
  7. To exchange data and documents annually that will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of this Transfer Agreement, enhance the transfer process, and promote effective cooperation between institutions. The information may consist, but is not limited to aggregate data about transfer students, including admissions information, academic program reviews, student learning assessments, and relevant decisions of curricular and other committees. The institution(s) will exchange data after obtaining appropriate permission from the student as indicated on the Intent to Enroll form;
  8. To facilitate and support consultation and collaboration between the respective faculties related to this agreement, general education, degree requirements and other academic matters; and, 
  9. The parties recognize that no provision of this Agreement shall be construed as a waiver of any obligations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C, § 1232g and/or its implementing regulations (34 CFR, part 99).

Mutual Terms and Considerations

The CU Office of Admissions, Registrar’s Office and the appropriate offices at DCCC are responsible for identifying, and communicating to each other, changes in the policies or requirements of their respective institutions that affect this agreement.

a) Term of Agreement. The Agreement will be in effect as of the date of its signing. It will be reviewed annually by the appropriate parties at each institution, and will be renewed automatically, (but cannot exceed a five year term) until superseded by a new Agreement or formally terminated.
b) Termination of Agreement. CU or DCCC may terminate this Agreement for any reason with ninety (90) days’ notice. Either party may terminate this agreement in the event of a substantial breach. Should CU or DCCC terminate this agreement prior to the completion of an academic semester, all students enrolled at that time may continue their educational experience until it would have been concluded absent the termination.
c) Nondiscrimination. The parties agree to continue their respective policies of nondiscrimination based on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in regard to sex, age, race, color, creed, and national origin, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and other applicable laws, as well as the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
d) Interpretation of the Agreement. The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall govern this Agreement.
e) Modification of Agreement. This agreement shall only be modified in writing with the same formality as the original agreement.
f) Relationship of Parties. The relationship between the parties of this agreement to each other is that of independent contractors. The relationship of the parties to this contract to each other shall not be construed to constitute a partnership, joint venture or any other relationship, other than that of independent contractors.
g) Liability. Neither of the parties shall assume any liabilities to each other. As to liability to each other or death to persons, or damages to property, the parties do not waive any defense as a result of entering into this contract. This provision shall not be construed to limit to Commonwealth’s rights, claims or defenses which arise as a matter of law pursuant to any provisions of this contract. This provision shall not be construed to limit the sovereign immunity of the Commonwealth or of the State System of Higher Education or CU.
h) Entire Agreement. This agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties. No other prior contemporaneous oral or written understandings or promises exist in regards to this relationship.

This articulation Agreement covers only the associate degree programs defined within the Preface. DCCC and CU agree to review this agreement annually by November 15th and apprise each other of any changes to the respective programs that may necessitate a modification of this agreement.

The willingness of both institutions to enter this Agreement in order to facilitate the transfer of students from Delaware County Community College into Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, and to expand their opportunities for academic success, is indicated by the following signatures.

The undersigned representatives of the parties, Delaware County Community College and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, have executed this Agreement on the dates indicated. This agreement will become effective March 2016.

Signatures are on file in the Transfer Office.