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Cabrini University - Dual Admission & Core-to-Core Agreement


Cabrini University welcomes students from Delaware County Community College (DCCC) into our community of leamers. At Cabrini they will benefit from an outstanding faculty committed to their success and a wide variety educational opportunities in 30 academic programs. The Dual Admission and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements are designed to facilitate DCCC students' ease of transfer into Cabrini University.

Under the Dual Admissions Agreement, DCCC students admitted to an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree program are eligible to complete a Dual Admissions Program "Intent To Enroll Form." The agreement entitles them to be admitted to an undergraduate program at Cabrini University provided they:

  1. Complete a Dual Admissions Program "Intent To Enroll Form." For academic advising reasons students should complete the intent form belore eaming 30 transferable DCCC credits including DCCC courses and those from any other institution;
  2. Submit the Cabrini University Application for Admission, ideally once 45 credits have been eamed at DCCC, or three to six months prior to the start of the semester they wish to transfer to Cabrini;
  3. Graduate fiom DCCC with a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0;
  4. Enroll at Cabrini University within one year of graduating from DCCC and do not attend another institution between graduation and attendance at Cabrini; and,
  5. Satisfy all other regular Cabrini University admissions requirements. Please check the Cabrini website as certain majors require additional admissions requirements.
  6. Students are eligible to participate in this agreement whether they choose to attend Cabrini on a full or part-time basis.

By satisfying the Dual Admissions Agreement, Cabrini University will waive the admissions application fee, award scholarships/grants to students who attend Cabrini fulltime and provide on-going advising while students are attending DCCC.

Under the Core-to-Core Transfer Asreement, DCCC students will be guaranteed admission into a Bachelor's Degree program with third-year (junior) status at Cabrini University on the condition that they graduate from DCCC with an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree.

As part of the Core-to-Core Agreement, Cabrini University agrees to accept the general education ernbedded in DCCC's A.A., A.F.A. and A.S. degree programs as meeting all the
requirements of its undergraduate Core curriculum requirements, except for three to six Cabrini University credits. All students will be required to take ECG300-Engagements in the Common Good - at Cabrini University. In addition, if not already completed at DCCC or another regionally-accredited college or university, they must also complete three credits of Religious Studies which will be approved by the Cabrini University Religious Studies department on a case by case basis. (Students in A.A.S. DCCC degree programs will be given the maximum possible number of transfer credits; however, those credits may be used in the major or as electives rather than toward the Core, depending upon the program.)

Core-to-Core transfer does not alter the requirements of the students' major field of study.

The Dual Admissions and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements become elfective for students entering Cabrini University fall semester 2017 or after.

To facilitate the transfer of DCCC graduates to Cabrini University in accordance with the foregoing guarantee, the parties agree to the following:

Obligations of Cabrini University

  1. To attend regularly scheduled "partner" programs at DCCC and to provide DCCC with Dual Admissions Program "Intent to Enroll Forms" to distribute upon request.
  2. To invite DCCC students to an informational/advising meeting with Cabrini University faculty and staffon a regular basis at both DCCC and Cabrini University in order to facilitate smooth curricular and co-curricular integration to Cabrini University.
  3. To send a Cabrini University letter of admission to all DCCC students who complete a Dual Admissions Program "Intent to Enroll Form" and meet the conditions set forth in the Preface. Students must confirm their intention to matriculate at Cabrini University by July 1st for the fall sernester, or by December 1st for the spring semester and satisfy all other regular Cabrini University admissions requirements. DCCC students who complete a Dual Admissions Program "Intent to Enroll Form" will be govemed by the Cabrini University degree requirements in effect at the time of the signing of the form, as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  4. To waive the application fee for students who enroll at Cabrini University pursuant to these Agreements.
  5. To award academic scholarships to all qualified full-time students admitted to Cabrini University pursuant to these Agreements. Full-time Cabrini University students (enrolled in 12 or more credits a semester) with a DCCC GPA of 3.50 to 4.00 will receive a scholarship award of $14,000 per year. Students with a DCCC GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 will receive a grant of $13,000. Students with a DCCC GPA of 2.50 to 2.99 will receive a grant of $12,000. Students with a DCCC GPA of 2.00 to 2.49 will receive a grant of $8,000. All community college scholarships and grants may be renewed each year contingent upon the students maintaining at least a 2.0 cumulative Cabrini quality-point average. Students who submit the FAFSA also are eligible for need-based and other types of financial aid.
  6. To ensure that DCCC students will be provided with Cabrini University financial aid information and receive fuIl consideration for Cabrini University financial aid, upon matriculation at Cabrini University.
  7. To support a Core-to-Core articulation agreement that allows the DCCC general education requirements within the A.A. or A.F.A. or A.S. degree programs to fulfill all Cabrini University Core requirements, except for the addition of EDG300-Engagements in the Common Good to be taken at Cabrini University, and three credits of Religious Studies (see page 2). Eligible DCCC graduates enrolling at Cabrini University will be identified upon admission to Cabrini University, and the fact that they have satisfied Cabrini University Core requirements by Core-to-Core transfer will be noted on their official Cabrini University transfer credit evaluations and other pertinent student records once the final, official DCCC transcript is received.
  8. To accept Core-to-Core transfers as satisfying all the requirements of the Cabrini University Core curriculum, except for those noted in #7 above. Core-to-Core transfer does not alter the requirements of the student's major field of study, or the admission or graduation standards as identified in the Cabrini University Undergraduate Catalog. (Students should be aware that 45 credits are required in residence at Cabrini University and that the last 30 consecutive credits cannot be taken at another institution). All courses for which a passing grade (A, B, C, D) was received will transfer. Their usage will be in accordance with the requirements for the requested program. (Many Cabrini academic programs do not accept Cabrini "C-" or "D" grades for the major/minor.)
  9. To ensure that DCCC graduates entering Cabrini University under the terms of these agreements go through Cabrini University's normal transfer admissions process, including meeting all applicable Cabrini University requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission, orientation and registration, and payment of tuition and fees. They will abide by the policies and procedures, and any revisions thereof that apply to all Cabrini University students. 
  10. To continue working with DCCC on program-to-program curriculum articulation agreements that specify for DCCC transfer students the DCCC courses that satisfy major requirements required for degree completion at Cabrini University.
  11. To ensure that when DCCC Dual Admissions Agreement students matriculate at Cabrini University they will have all of the rights and privileges of other Cabrini University students.
  12. To waive placement test for DCCC students who have satisfactorily completed a college-level Math course

Obligations of Delaware County Community College

To publicize these Agreements to prospective and current DCCC students in its promotional literature, to make special arrangements for Cabrini University recruiters and advisers to visit
DCCC to meet with prospective and current Dual Admissions students.

Joint Obligations

  1. To consult with each other through appropriate channels prior to implementing major changes in policy or curricula that directly affect students transferring under the terms of these Agreements, and keep each other informed of any other changes of policy or curricula that affect those students. Both Cabrini University and DCCC will review these agreements annually and make any changes upon mutual agreement, as needed. Such changes will become effective when both DCCC and Cabrini University sign the revised document.
  2. To collaborate in providing students with information and academic advising about these Agreements, Cabrini University's academic requirements, and the process of transferring to Cabrini University.
  3. To jointly agree to develop and implement advertising and promotional efforts to communicate the benefits of the Dual Admissions and Core-to-Core transfer agreements.
  4. To designate a representative or representatives who will coordinate the Dual Admissions and Core-to-Core Transfer Agreements between the two institutions.
  5. To exchange data and documents annually that will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the Dual Admissions and Core-to-Core agreement, enhance the transfer process, and promote effective cooperation between institutions. These will consist of data about individual transfer students, including admissions information and grades, and reports on the results of program reviews, assessments of student leaming, and decisions of curricular and other committees. The institution(s) will exchange data after obtaining appropriate permission from the students as indicated on the Dual Admissions Program "Intent to Enroll Form."
  6. To facilitate and support consultation and collaboration between their faculties related to this agreement, general education, degree requirements, and other academic matters.
  7. To provide direct links between the Cabrini University and DCCC websites.

Revision. Renewal and Termination of this Agreement

The Cabrini University Provost and the appropriate officers at DCCC are responsible for identifying and communicating to each other changes in the policies or requirements of their
respective institutions that affect these Agreements. These Agreements will be in effect, as of the date of its signing, for students entering Cabrini University Fall semester 2018 or after. It will be reviewed annually by the appropriate parties at each institution and will be renewed automatically until superseded by new Agreements or formally terminated. Either institution may terminate these Agreements at any time by written notice at least one year in advance of the effective date of termination. Should these Agreements be terminated, it is understood that the termination will not apply to students already accepted to Cabrini University under the terms of the Agreements. This agreement terminates the "Articulation Agreement between Cabrini University and Delaware County Community College" signed in October 2010. The willingness of both institutions to enter into these Agreements in order to facilitate the
transfer of students from Delaware County Community College to Cabrini University, and to expand their opportunities for academic success there, is indicated by the the signatures on file.