Updated COVID Protocols

Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination is required for all faculty, staff and students taking on-campus classes or accessing on-campus services. More information, including specifics for prospective students and visitors, is available at dccc.edu/vaccine-info. Face masks are required in all indoor facilities.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Tuition & Fees

Delaware County Community College believes that tuition to attend our College should be affordable, with clear pricing structures and easy-to-understand tuition and fees, and policies.

The Student Accounts office handles these tuition and fees, and policies. In addition, the office can answer questions related to billing and payments, books store credits, third party billing, and refunds. The Student Accounts team is available at all Enrollment Central campus locations. Please see the hours of operation under Contact Information.

Fall 2020 to Summer 2 2021 Per Credit Tuition & Fee Costs*

  Sponsoring** Non-Sponsoring Out-of-State International
Tuition $125 $250 $375 $375
Instructional Support Fee (Varies) $61-$71 $61-$71 $61-$71 $61-71
Enrollment Services Fee (Non-refundable) $4 ($40 Max) $4 ($40 Max) $4 ($40 Max) $4 ($40 Max)
Student Activity Fee (Non-refundable) $2 $2 $2 $2
Plant Fee N/A $3 $6 $6

* Delaware County Community College reserves the right to change tuition and fees without notice.  Description of fees .

Estimated Cost of Tuition and Fees by Residence - Fall 2020 to Summer 2 2021

  Sponsoring Non-Sponsoring Out-of-State International
Cost per 3 Credits $576 to $606 $960 to $990 $1,344 to $1,374 $1,449 to $1,479
Cost per 12 Credits $2,296 to $2,416 $3,832 to $3,952 $5,368 to $5,488 $5,788 to $5,908
Cost per 15 Credits $2,860 to $3,010 $4,780 to $4,930 $6,700 to $6,850 $7,225 to $7,375

Fall 2021 to Summer 2 2022 Per Credit Tuition & Fee Costs*

  Sponsoring** Non-Sponsoring Out-of-State International
Tuition $125 $250 $375 $375
Instructional Support Fee $61-$71 $61-$71 $61-$71 $61-71
Enrollment Services Fee (Non-refundable) $4 ($40 Max) $4 ($40 Max) $4 ($40 Max) $4 ($40 Max)
Student Activity Fee (Non-refundable) $2 $2 $2 $2
Plant Fee N/A $3 $6 $6

* Delaware County Community College reserves the right to change tuition and fees without notice.

Estimated Cost of Tuition and Fees by Residence - Fall 2021 to Summer 2 2022

  Sponsoring** Non-Sponsoring Out-of-State International
Cost per 3 Credits $576 to $606 $960 to $990 $1,344 to $1,374 $1,449 to $1,479
Cost per 12 Credits $2,296 to $2,416 $3,832 to $3,952 $5,368 to $5,488 $5,788 to $5,908
Cost per 15 Credits $2,860 to $3,010 $4,780 to $4,930 $6,700 to $6,850 $7,225 to $7,375

**Sponsoring school districts

A sponsoring school district is a school district that contributes financially to the Delaware County Community College budget. Your total tuition and fees depend on the number of credits you take in a semester. The preceding examples include a range for differing instructional support fees. Below is a list of sponsoring school districts.

Chester-Upland, Garnet Valley (Bethel residents only) Haverford Interboro
Radnor Ridley Rose Tree Media Southeast Delco
Springfield Upper Darby Wallingford-Swarthmore
(Swarthmore and Rutledge residents only)
William Penn

Additional Fees

Below is a list of additional fees. Please note, fees are subject to change.

Returned Check or ACH Payment $25
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (Non-refundable) $30
Payment Plan Late Fee $10
Certificate of Competency fee (Non-refundable) $10
International fee (Non-refundable) $35 per credit

Tuition Billing & Payment

Statements are sent electronically to students’ Delaware County Community College email. Bills for the fall and summer terms are emailed in April and bills for the spring are emailed in October. Failure to view or obtained bills does not exclude students from paying their tuition balance

Payment Options

All tuition and fees are due by the payment due date. If registration is completed after the due date, payment is due at the time of registration.

Due Dates:

  • Summer 1 2021 - May 4, 2021
  • Summer 2 2021 - June 22, 2021
  • Fall 2021 - August 3, 2021

Pay Online with Credit/Debit Card or Electronic Check (ACH)

Effective July 1, 2020, payments made online with a credit or debit card will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.75% (4.25% for international transactions). This fee is charged by the College's credit card processor and is in addition to the payment amount. There is no convenience fee when using the ACH option online. However, there is a $25 returned check fee for any ACH not honored by your bank. Additionally, there is no fee for payments made with cash, check, or money order or when calling 610-359-5118.

  1. Log into delaGATE
  2. Click the Students tab
  3. Click Make a Payment/Enroll in Payment Plan
  4. Select Make a Payment
  5. Select Pay Using Credit or Debit Card or select Electronic Check

Pay in-person by visiting Student Accounts at Enrollment Central

Students can make payments at Enrollment Central on any open campus with cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card payments. Operating hours vary by location. Please see the current operating hours for each campus under Contact Information.

Pay with Credit/Debit Card Over the Phone

To make a payment over the phone with a credit/debit card please call 610-359-5118 . There is no convenience fee when making a payment by phone.

Mail a Check or Money Order

A check or money order made payable to Delaware County Community College can be mailed to the address below. Please note, the College does not accept post-dated checks. Checks are deposited once received. There is a $25 returned check fee. 

Delaware County Community College
Attn: Student Accounts
901 S. Media Line Road
Media, PA 19063

Payment Plans

To help manage tuition payments, the College offers installment plans for all terms. To view plan options and enroll, please click the Make a Payment/Enroll in Payment Plan link under Student Accounts in delaGATE. Please note, there is a $30 non-refundable fee to enroll in the plan. 

Third-Party Payments

Third-party payments include, but are not limited to, employer sponsored payments and 529 plans. For assistance with your third-party payments or to notify the College of a third-party payment please email [email protected].

Financial Holds & Collections

Students who do not pay their account in full or default on the payment plan will have a financial hold placed on their account. While on hold, students cannot view grades, enroll in future courses, obtain transcripts or diplomas, and participate in Commencement. Additionally, accounts that remain delinquent may be sent to a contracted third-party collection agency. At which time, students are responsible for additional fees or costs incurred plus the principal balance. 

Conduct & Academic Integrity Sanctions

The college will not issue diplomas, certificates, or transcripts to students who have not satisfied any student conduct or academic integrity sanctions. Once a student satisfies the outstanding sanction, credentials can be issued and the hold barring issuance of the academic transcript will be removed. 

Bookstore Credits

A student with excess financial aid will have a bookstore credit on their account. Students can only use the credit with the College's book vendor Follett online or on campus to purchase your course materials. The College will deduct the amount of the credit used from any eligible refunds. For on-campus hours, please contact the bookstore at 610-359-5180 or 610-359-5310.


Refunds for Excess Financial Aid
Students may be eligible for a refund if their financial aid exceeds their tuition and fees charges. Refunds begin processing once the term starts and are issued within 14 days from the date the credit is created on the account. Students are encouraged to sign-up for direct deposit in delaGATE; otherwise a check is mailed to the address on file. 

Refunds for Drops & Withdrawals
To be eligible for any refund, the student must officially withdraw from the course or courses (no show withdrawals are not eligible). A refund for withdrawal will not be issued that is greater than 100% of tuition and refundable fees minus any non-refundable fees and required deposits. In accordance with federal student aid regulations, any student who receives federal financial aid and withdraws before completing 60% of the term will have all or a portion of that aid returned to the federal fund before any refund is issued.

Refund of eligible payments will be made according to the following schedule:

  • Withdrawal before the start of classes (0% of class time*) 100%
  • Withdrawal before end of one week of classes (7% of class time*) 80%
  • Withdrawal before end of two weeks of classes (15% of class time*) 60%
  • Withdrawal before end of three weeks of classes (20% of class time*) 40%

*Refund for summer sessions, special sessions, and all irregularly scheduled sessions and courses is determined by the percentage of class time elapsed at the time of withdrawal.

Students who must officially withdraw from the College after the start of classes because of a call to active duty in the armed services (appropriately documented) or a disabling injury or serious illness (appropriately documented) should complete the Administrative Withdrawal request form. This form and its policies are accessible by logging into delaGATE and clicking the Withdrawal and Refund Info link under Students. 

There is no refund for a no-show withdrawal.

Description of Fees

Instructional support fee
Credit courses are charged a fee of either $61, $66, or $71 per credit hour. Online courses are charged an additional instructional support fee of $10 per credit.

Plant fee
Students are charged this fee who do not reside in a school district that financially sponsors Delaware County Community College. The plant fee is $3 per credit hour for non-sponsors who live in Pennsylvania and $6 per credit hour for out-of-state and international students.

Student activity fee (non-refundable)
The student activity fee is $2 per credit hour.

Enrollment Services fee (non-refundable)
This fee is charged each semester students are enrolled in College credit courses at a rate of $4/credit with a maximum charge of $40 per semester or for Non-credit courses, it is $5 per term. This fee is for the purpose of funding the costs associated with the admissions application process, placement testing, enrollment and payment verification, commencement cost and credentials for both degrees and certificates of competency, and where applicable, the evaluation of transfer credits.

Certificate of Competency fee (non-refundable)
A $10 fee is charged to students who anticipate completing the Certificate of Competency program requirements and file the appropriate application form. The fee covers the cost of the completion credentials. For concurrent certificates, there are additional forms and fees. Beginning Fall 2017, this fee will be covered by the Enrollment Services Fee (see above).

International fee (non-refundable)
A $35 per credit hour international fee is charged to citizens of a country other than the United States and who enter on a non-immigrant visa.