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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Policy 4.1: Trustee Emeritus

Original Date of Issue: 6/17/09

The purpose of the Trustee Emeritus Policy is to honor outstanding Trustees for their constant commitment to the College, its mission, and its goals. This policy is a special way for the College to express appreciation to exemplary Board members for their long-standing dedication and service. It means that the College will continue to communicate with them and keep its relationship with them as advisors and friends. The criteria for granting Trustee Emeritus status includes, but is not limited to the following:

Trustee Emeritus Policy

The Trustee Emeritus title is an honorary title granted in recognition of outstanding service on the Delaware County Community College Board of Trustees and is reserved for those who are no longer members of the Board of Trustees.

A departing Board member who has served as a Trustee of Delaware County Community College may be granted Trustee Emeritus status if the following minimum criteria have been met during their terms of service:

  1. Served on the Board of Trustees for a minimum of two full terms
  2. Displayed active leadership on one or more Board Committees

The recommendation for Trustee Emeritus status may be submitted by a member of the Board of Trustees or by the President of the College. Final approval of Trustee Emeritus status is granted by action of the current Board of Trustees.

Trustee Emeritus status is without financial compensation but may include privileges normally offered Trustees within the resources of the College. These privileges may include invitations to graduation, anniversary celebrations, special commemorations and awards, and alumni/College newsletters, etc.