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Michael Schwartz '16

The College recently created an award to honor exemplary work study students who excel both in the classroom and working for various offices around campus. The first recipient of this award is Michael Schwartz, who was a vibrant part of the Marketing and Public Relations staff this past academic year. In addition to his strong work ethic and overall professionalism, Michael is also a pop culture aficionado who can answer just about any question you may have regarding movies, television or Broadway. It’s been a pleasure to work with him as he has raised the bar for work study students on campus.

What year did you graduate from Delaware County Community College and with what degree?
“I graduated from the College last month with an Associate in Applied Science in General Studies.”

Did you pursue further academic goals?
“I plan on continuing my academic career at West Chester University in the fall. I will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, specifically Public Relations/Corporate Communications.”

Where are you now?
“Currently, I am enjoying summer before transferring to West Chester University. Just because I have graduated from the College, does not mean my relationship with the school has come to an end. I am currently enrolled in a summer course (Elementary Spanish II), and continue as a volunteer in my position with the Advancement office.”

What is next for you professionally?
“After completing my studies at West Chester University, I would ideally like to continue working towards a graduate degree. In terms of a career, I would ideally like to find a job that suits my area of expertise and personal interests. As somebody who is very invested in the world of entertainment, I would love to be able to work with my passions on a professional level. One of the things I love about being a communications major is the wide range of opportunities. You are never confined to just one career path. There is room to expand your horizons, and seek out multiple aspects of a given industry.”

What is your favorite memory of your time on campus, outside of the classroom?
“Outside of the classroom, my favorite memory of the College would absolutely have to be my time spent as a work study employee in the Advancement Office. My decision to work in addition to my daily classes was based on a ‘spur of the moment’ idea, and I have never looked back. I have learned rewarding career skills, built valuable contacts, and even came to a realization of the field I want to study and career path I would like to follow.”

Did you have a favorite professor or class during your studies?  
“In my two years, I am incredibly lucky to say that I have never come across a professor I disliked. Each and every relationship I shared with a professor was built on a foundation of interest, willingness to work, and respect. To name just one favorite professor would be to diminish my experience over these past two years. Professor Bergen made History not only relevant and interesting, but also funny and exciting. Dr. Kolpas took Math (a course that was never my favorite) and taught it in a manner that was not only accessible to any student, but interesting as well. Professor Boyd impressed me with her encyclopedic knowledge of the mass media, while Professor Robson took it upon himself to challenge me with ideas regarding film language when I thought I knew it all. The professors here not only properly convey course material, but they understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with students. Who could ask for anything more?” 

What advice would you give to current students and Alumni to capitalize on the education they received from the College?
“It’s been said and repeated time and time again, but I can’t stress enough the fact that current students should take advantage of all the wonderful programs and resources the College has to offer. No matter your background or area of interest, there are endless opportunities provided through the school in order to help you succeed.

“While I am not far enough removed to speak on behalf of my fellow alumni, I would suggest that former students don’t forget their roots at the college. Whether they spent two years or two months here, there was a reason for them attending classes in the first place. Hopefully their experience here allowed them to continue their educational ambitions, and eventually put them in a position where they are able to give back to the College. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better way to give back than to support those following in your footsteps. Even as my educational career continues to flourish, I will not forget the many memorable moments spent at Delaware County Community College.” 

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