Career Counseling

Unsure of your career goals? Thinking about a change in career direction? Considering a return to the work world after some time away?

The Career and Counseling Center at Delaware County Community College can help. We offer free career counseling services for students.

Our trained counselors can help you clarify your goals and guide you through the process of making decisions about your education and your career. In addition, our workshops, information sessions and other resources can give you career direction, whether you’re just starting out or modifying your professional focus.

Career Counseling is available to all current students at no cost. Similar services are also available to community residents for a fee. On average, we schedule four to six one-hour sessions, held once a week.

Counseling can guide you step-by-step in making decisions to help clarify your career goals. If you’re uncertain about what major to choose or what career options are available with the major you’ve chosen, Career Counseling can help. It’s also useful if you’re considering a career change or are uncertain about the next steps in your career.

Career counseling is available at our Marple Campus and our other locations. Appointments for career counseling are available by contacting the Career and Counseling Center.

Career workshops
The Career and Counseling Center offers career-related workshops. Can’t get to campus for a workshop? Consider our online workshops, which are available to both students and community members.

For more information, and a schedule of this year’s workshops at your campus, please contact the Career and Counseling Center.

Programs for community members

The College serves its community as well as its students. The Career and Counseling Center offers a variety of career guidance courses for community members who are not students at the College:

First steps-free career information sessions
If you’re confused about your career direction and unsure about what to do first, this free program may be for you. A counselor will explain the various career counseling services available at the College for community residents.

Individual career counseling
This program provides in-depth examination of what you need to know about yourself and the labor market, so you can take charge of your life and move ahead.

Career directions for women
Are you considering a return to the labor market or school? This program will help you assess your skills, interests and values. It includes goal-setting, decision-making and career planning.

The College also offers a wide range of community services, some of which may be helpful to community members who are seeking work or considering a career change. Click here to learn more about the Workforce Entry Center, PA CareerLink and New Choices Career Development Program.