Personal Counseling

At Delaware County Community College, we recognize that there may be times when you need to talk to someone, especially if your personal issues or responsibilities are interfering with your studies.

We’re here to help. The Career and Counseling Center has counselors available to meet with students to help them work through any difficulties. We can also refer you to outside resources if you’re seeking long-term counseling or support; the Center maintains a list of community resources for this purpose.

All students currently enrolled at the College are eligible for personal counseling. We at the College understand that outside responsibilities can sometimes get in the way of your academic progress. To ensure your success, we encourage you to talk about these concerns with one of the College’s counselors.

Informational counseling

Our counselors can also explain College procedures, regulations and services. When you find yourself with a question and don't know where to turn, the Career and Counseling Center is a good place to begin.

Both informational and personal counseling are available at our Marple Campus and our other locations—so a counselor is always close at hand.

If you are looking for some background information related to a personal crisis, you may want to check out these links to the National Institute of Mental Health and other nonprofit resources: