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Health & Well-Being Classes

Health & Well-Being Classes

Yoga: Hatha
Tone your body, condition glandular and nervous systems, and calm emotional reactivity, all by participating in Yoga. Learn postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. Eat lightly and bring a mat or folded blanket to these renewing sessions..

LSP 5059 / Length: 10 hours
Cost: Sponsoring: $99; Non-Sponsoring: $129 

CRN 360 Saturdays
Jan. 19-March 30
10:30-11:30 a.m. Marple

The Best Ways to Manage Stress
Stress is the body’s natural reaction to changes in our lives. Learn progressive muscle relaxation, deeper relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, present time awareness, mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, creative visualizations, mental exercises, anchors, and dissociation techniques to manage daily stress, to relax and to experience better sleep.

LSP 5889 / Length: 5 Hours 
Cost: $49

CRN 1710 Wednesdays
May 1-29
7-8 p.m. Marple

Our Brain When We Grieve
Grief, whether it is caused by a death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job/home/beloved pet, is experienced by our brain and felt in our bodies. Discover what is happening in the brain which impacts so greatly our mental, emotional, and physical responses to loss -- and what we ourselves can do to help soften our pain. While not a support group, this course is helpful if you are working through grief on your own, are in a support group, are in the helping professions, or are simply interested in the brain. No class on 4/20.

LSP 5887 / Length: 10 Hours 
Cost: Sponsoring $99; Non-Sponsoring $129

CRN 2756 Saturdays
March 30-May 4
10 a.m.-Noon Marple


During this class you will be introduced to experiencing meditation. Various techniques will be used to guide you into meditation. Mediation helps us deal with stress and anxiety while learning coping skills to cultivate patience to feel more at peace and calm in body, mind, and spirit. Everyone is welcome.

LSP 5903 / Length: 5 hours 
Cost: Sponsoring: $49; Non-Sponsoring: $79

CRN 2418 Tuesdays
Feb. 5-March 5
7-8 p.m. Marple

Re-Programming the Anxious Brain
Anxiety is so common these days. It causes significant health problems and diminishes our quality of life. However, it IS possible to change. In this course, we’ll see WHY humans are anxious / WHY we experience anxiety, HOW it happens in our brain and body / HOW it impacts us and our life. Over the last 3 of 5 classes, we’ll learn scientists-recommended anxiety-minimizing techniques and match them with voluntarily shared anxieties of class participants. The instructor is a Certified Life Coach who has used the growing science of the brain to help others change. No class on 4/20.

LSP 5913 / Length: 10 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $99; Non-Sponsoring $129

CRN 2843 Saturdays
March 30-April 27
2-4 p.m. Marple