Work Study

Work Study is a great way to earn extra money for school with a job that is conveniently located on campus or in your community.

What is Work Study?

Work Study is a program that provides funding for students to work in part-time jobs located on campus or in the local community. Students work approximately 10-15 hours a week and receive a paycheck through the College. Many Work Study jobs also provide students with work experience in their field of study.

As a Work Study student, you must maintain half-time enrollment (6 credits) and a 2.0 GPA; you may not work in any other capacity as a College employee. Your Work Study schedule may not conflict or overlap with your class schedule.

How do I qualify for Work Study?

There are three different types of Work Study available to Delaware County Community College students. Learn more by downloading the Work Study Student Handbook.

How many hours am I eligible to work?

We want to make obtaining a Work Study position as easy as possible. Just follow the easy steps in our Work Study brochure or pick up a copy of the brochure in the Student Employment Services and Co-op Center.

Can I do both Co-op and Work Study?

If you are eligible for both the Co-op and Work Study programs and the Co-op is an unpaid position at a Work Study eligible location, you can use it as a Co-op opportunity and get paid for your work through the Work Study program.

Please note: If it is not convenient for you to visit us on the Marple Campus, you can contact Paul Daigle by phone at 610-325-2790.