Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Payment Plan

We want to make paying your tuition as easy and stress-free as possible. After scholarships and grants, the best source of funding your education is through low-interest student loans. Consider the benefits:

  • Students who attend school full-time are more likely to complete their studies
  • Studies show full-time students tend to be more successful
  • Financial Aid helps you work less, study more and get the most out of your college experience
  • Most full- and part-time students qualify for financial aid

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Another alternative is our payment plan

We offer 2-, 3- and 4-payment plans for students enrolled in credit courses who would like to pay over time (non-credit students are not eligible). Depending upon when you register for classes, you will have the option of making either two, three or four payments rather than paying in one lump sum. There is a non-refundable $30 processing fee to participate. The 4 part plan requires a minimum payment of 25% of total credit T&F plus the $30 fee. The 2 and 3 part plan requires a minimum payment of 50% of total credit T&F plus the $30 fee.

Terms and online payment options are available to students via the delaGATE portal and are subject to change without notice. Login requires a user name and password (new students, find your user name and password in your acceptance packet). After logging in, locate the "Payment Plan" link by:

  • Clicking the "Student Records" tab
  • Locating the "Routine Records Operations" section toward the bottom of the "Student Records" channel
  • Clicking the "Payment Plan" link

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*A User ID and PIN are required.