Delaware County Community College's Educational Foundation awards approximately $300,000 in scholarships annually. Each scholarship has its own criteria for eligibility established by the donor(s). 

The application period for scholarships is mid-February to mid-April. The application period for 2016-17 closed April 15.

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Turn Minutes into Money

Take the time to organize. This is not an exhausting process, but do take the time to clearly state how you meet the requirements specified by our donors. Tell us why YOU deserve this honor. This is FREE money that does not need to be paid back (unlike a student loan).

We want to give these awards to deserving students

Students who show the drive and determination to succeed are exactly what makes our College special. Providing this financial assistance will allow more students to continue their studies and earn certificates and degrees.

The application process takes place in the spring, and awards are announced in the summer months for classes starting in the fall. The application period will be open mid-February through mid April.

Other Scholarships and Scholarship Resources* - $500 to female student studying science - Deadline December 1, 2016
7 Binary Options - $3,000 to individual with winning essay - Deadline October 15, 2016
L. Clayton Burgess Law Firm - $2,500 to individuals currently attending or planning on attending college or graduate school - Deadline August 15, 2016
Sun East Charitable Foundation - $500 to one male and one female student who has completed 40 hours of community service in the past year - Deadline June 1, 2016
Van Sant Law Veterans - $1,000 to a U.S. military veteran - Deadline June 15, 2016
The Zeiger Firm - $1,000 to individuals currently attending or planning to attend college - essay required - Deadline August 15, 2016
YWCA of Chester County Scholarship - $1,000 to non-traditional female students with aspirations to continue on to post-secondary institutions - Deadline May 30, 2016
Emergency Dentists USA Video Scholarship - $1,000 to first prize in video contest, $500 for second, open to students in all majors - Deadline June 1, 2016
TigerChef Scholarship - $1,000 to students with interest in culinary studies, essay required - Deadline May 1, 2016 and November 1, 2016
Fireproof Ministries Heart Disease Awareness Scholarship - $1,000 for student/relative impacted by heart disease, minimum 3.0 GPA, essay required - Deadline July 15, 2016
TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship - $1,000 for minority student pursuing Business Administration or related business field - Deadline June 15, 2016
Kendal-Crosslands Communities Anne Perry Scholarship - Deadline March 15, 2016
Delaware County Transportation Management Engineering Scholarship - $1,000 to full-time engineering student in Delaware County - Deadline March 18, 2016
Lumity Health Care and Science Scholarship - $1,000 for first place award, $500 for runner-up award - Deadline July 1, 2016
Kaplun Marx Scholarship - $1,000 - Deadline May 1, 2016
Shear Comfort Automotive Scholarship - $1,500 - Deadline April 15, 2016
Joel J. Kofsky Scholarship - $1,500 - Deadline August 16, 2016
Masters In Education - Scholarships for future teachers
Sleeklens Academic Scholarship - $2,000 for full-time students, high school seniors - Deadline March 31, 2016
Pennsylvania Land Surveyors' Foundation - For students who want to become practicing professional land surveyors - Deadline April 15, 2016
Philadelphia Unit of the Herb Society of America - $1,000 for horticulture, botany or related majors - Deadline June 30, 2016
Campus RN Scholarship Fund - $2,500 scholarship to nursing student - Deadline May 1, 2016
Shawn Carter (Jay Z) Scholarship Fund - For students, ages 18-25, pursuing a vocational program - Deadline April 30, 2016

*Not all are affiliated with Delaware County Community College; not a comprehensive list