Global Studies, Associate in Arts

The major in Global Studies will give students interdisciplinary perspectives on the interplay of local and global communities as well as prepare students to participate effectively in this global environment.



Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Locate regions of the world accurately and understand their environmental, anthropological, sociological and cultural attributes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of human culture from its incipient origins in Africa to its global presence, with a particular perspective that investigates the interrelationship of various cultures on their own and others' emergence
  • Recognize various cultural organizations - political, religious, economic and philosophical - and how they influence their native culture and other cultures
  • Discuss the impact of artistic expression in the forms of literature, art, and music and the influence of such expression along a historical continuum within specific cultures and across cultures, including the contributions of marginalized groups
  • Demonstrate at least an elementary ability to speak and understand a foreign language in both oral and written form
  • Understand the concept of globalization in its environmental, anthropological, sociological, and cultural connotations and consider the benefits and detriments attached
  • Demonstrate a self-awareness and an understanding of other's cultural values, beliefs, and communication styles and an appreciation for this diversity

Apply Now

Third Semester (15 credits)

ENG 240 - World Literature I3
HUM 160 - Introduction to World Religions3
HUM 120 - The Baroque to the Post-Modern and the Global Community of Today3
SOC 215 - Experiences in Diversity
PSY 225 - Experiences in Diversity
Foreign Language I (3 credits)

May take any first semester foreign language (3 credits)

Fourth Semester (15 credits)

ENG 241 - World Literature II3
COMM 102 - Communication Across Cultures3
Foreign Language II (3 credits)

* Electives: Choose 3 elective credits from the Humanities group and 3 credits from the BUS/Social Science group (6 credits)

Humanities Electives: ART 110, ART 111, ART 112, DRA 100, DRA 105, ENG 225, MUS 115, HUM 100, HUM 162, HUM 167, HUM 168, HUM 173,  Foreign Language and Study Abroad

BUS and/or Social Science Electives: ADJ 202, ADJ 280, BUS 101, BUS 111, ECO 210, HIS 224, HIS, 225, HIS 235, HIS 251, HIS 256, HUS 101, POL 120, SOC 210, SOC 219, SOC 240, SOC 263 and Travel Study.

Total Credits: 60-61


Global Studies, AA-09/2014 to present