Library Request for Library Instruction Session: Marple and Branch Location

Faculty members should use this form to request instruction sessions. Reference librarians are available to assist the faculty with classes in the library, the library classroom or both. The library classroom may be reserved for IL instructions by the faculty alone. This form is for scheduling purposes only.

If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 working days of sending this form, please contact Jennie Hutchins at 610-359-7353.

THE FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY. If the form is missing vital information you will be contacted and the request will be put on hold until the form is completed. The following guidelines will assist us in adequately preparing for the instruction sessions.

  • 2 weeks notice is required for scheduling classes.
  • The library has the right to decline a class if sufficient time is not given.
  • Faculty is encouraged to schedule library sessions during the first four (4) weeks of the semester regardless of when the class is to be held in order to accommodate all requests.
  • Classes larger than 25 students will need to be broken up into two sessions.
  • Please use a separate electronic form for each class.
  • Make sure to specify a.m. or p.m. when filling out form.
  • Assign the research-based project to students prior to the library session.
  • Faculty members who choose to teach library instruction sessions on their own (without the assistance of a reference librarian) still need to schedule these sessions using this form.

Once you receive your confirmation a reference librarian will contact you to discuss the content of the session. If you have any questions regarding the use of this form or the scheduling of classes, please contact Jennie Hutchins at contact form or 610-359-7353. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Library Services also offers a self-paced, online information literacy tutorial ( The tutorial consists of six modules to help your students develop their information-seeking and evaluation skills to succeed academically in your course. The tutorial typically takes between 2 - 4 hours to complete but the tutorial does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can also have your students complete only the relevant modules based on the information literacy skills you want them to learn or continue to develop. The final component of the tutorial is a 20 question quiz. Students who complete the quiz receive a graded certificate with their name. Consider using this tutorial to enhance and expand your students information literacy skills, abilities, and knowledge.


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This form is for scheduling purposes only. A reference librarian will contact you shortly to discuss the content of your session.