Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Identify Stress and Boost Academic Growth

Location: Marple Campus
Building: Academic Building
Room Number: 2185

Date: November 26, 2019
Time: 11:05 am       End Time: 12:00 pm

Event Category: Career & Counseling Center Events
Division Host: Eileen Colucci, Counselor

College students today are balancing more than ever before and Community College students are not just like every other student! As a college student at Delaware County Community College, you may be living at home while some of your friends are away with seemingly less responsibilities. You may be returning to school after what feels like a lifetime of being away from the classroom; how can you manage it all without losing your GPA, your sleep, your job and your mind? Come test your stress levels. Hear about the importance of the basic needs of physical and emotional health and how it may impact academic performance. And for your prize, come away with some tips on how to manage stressful times long term.