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HVA 206 - Industrial Piping

This course provides a logical succession for the topics covered in HVA 106. In essence, this course introduces the student to additional varieties of pipe materials, pipe connectors and systems used as conductors for various materials within varied industrial facilities. Instruction will be given in the selection, installation and proper use of the different types of materials available as industrial piping. General shop safety and health, accident protection practices and procedures and OSHA/EPA requirements for the proper use of tools, ladders and hi-bay lifts for the installation, repair and replacement of piping system components will also be addressed. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: Utilize appropriate terminology for the description of piping systems, components, devices and tools and for installation and repair. Calculate costs and savings associated with varied types of piping systems. Identify, select and install proper pipe for various applications, including cast-iron, copper, PVC and other plastics/composites, stainless and other alloy steels. Investigate the correct use of water pipes (1/2" 3" in diameter) and effect field or shop installations or repairs. Determine the correct application size and pressure rating for Wirsboro (PRO-PEX), Victaulic and LOKRING piping materials and devices. Install, repair and list types of pipe and fittings with the appropriate tools. Prepare job plans for the installation and repair of various piping systems. Apply safety/health/accident protection practices and procedures for inspection/installation/repair of various piping systems. Employ proper methods for cutting steel, cast-iron, various plastics and stainless steel pipes and tubing. Prepare and install stainless steel pipe and fittings for food processing and pharmaceutical applications. Select a type of piping material with regard for application and system pressure. Utilize a T-Drill System for pipe installation and/or repair.
Credit Hours: 2
Lecture Hours: 1
Lab Hours: 2

Course Prerequisites: HVA 106, TME 115