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HRM 145 - Sales and Marketing in Hospitality

Course Description

In this course the student will learn to explain and apply the theory of successful hospitality marketing and sales. The topics of developing hospitality marketing and sales plans will be covered. The organization of the typical sales and marketing office within the corporate and individual property will be discussed. Various personal sales techniques such as suggestive selling and upselling in the hotel/restaurant reservation and direct patron contacts will be explained. Marketing to all segments of tourism including social, education, government, fraternal, recreation and non-profit will be presented.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Distinguish marketing from sales.
Identify trends that affect marketing and sales in the hospitality industry.
Identify and describe the key steps of a hospitality marketing plan.
Summarize the duties and responsibilities of staff and management positions typically found in a lodging property marketing and sales operation.
Perform the five steps of a hospitality presentation sales cell.
Explain effective telephone communication, email, technology (CRS) and special social media for room and foodservice reservations.
Describe internal marketing and sales promotion.
Explain the role of hospitality advertising, public relations, and publicity.
Explain how lodging and foodservice/restaurant are meeting the current needs of business including meeting planners.
Identify considerations for marketing hospitality products and services to international travelers and other special segments such as social, education, domestic tourists, sports teams, and government travelers.
Summarize trends affecting the food and beverage industry, and describe positioning strategies and techniques for restaurant and beverage operations.
Explain how hotels market and sell to conventions, catered events and trade shows.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: HRM 100