EMS 100 - Emergency Medical Technician

Course Description

This intensive program is designed to instruct the pre-hospital care provider in the skills necessary to reduce mortality and morbidity from accident and illness. Topics covered include patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mechanical aids to ventilation, trauma management, head, neck and spinal injuries, fractures, medical and environmental emergencies, crisis intervention and vehicle rescue.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Control hazards present to self, victim and bystanders at the scene of a pre-hospital medical emergency situation.
Assess extent of injury to victims suffering pre-hospital accident or illness.
Recognize and provide appropriate emergency care to victims suffering cardiac arrest and/or airway obstruction.
Assess and provide adequate emergency care for victims suffering trauma to one or more body systems.
Communicate patient care information in an effective professional manner both verbally and in writing.
Assess cardiac, respiratory, diabetic and associated medical and environmental emergencies.
Evaluate obstetrical emergencies and provide appropriate assistance and/or emergency intervention to the expectant female.

Co-requisites: FEMA Incident Command System Levels IS100 and IS700. Ten patient assessment contacts

Credit Hours: 9
Lecture Hours: 7
Lab Hours: 4

Course Prerequisites: MAT 050, REA 050 or REA 075 or pass test