DPR 105 - Management Information Systems

Course Description

This introductory course in managing information systems defines business processes, integrates these processes with computer technology, explains the flow of information in a business, and examines the use of information in business management. Business topics are integrated with information systems concepts. The course is designed for students using computer technology in a business environment. This course provides a real world process-oriented component to business education. Selected exercises using MS Office, MIS software, and business simulation games on the Internet are used in this course.

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

Explain what a business information system is and identify key components.
Outline the phases and steps in the information system development process.
Define business and computer technology terminology.
Give examples of how business information systems can break time, geographic, cost, and structural barriers in business.
Identify how business information systems are affecting the structure and activities of organizations.
Diagram typical flows of information in business operations.
Examine specific ethical principles of conduct and apply an ethical analysis to a difficult business information systems situation.
Identify business software tools that complete word processing, prepare spreadsheets, perform research, design databases, and prepare presentations.
Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of how business processes and computer technology improve effectiveness of organizational goals.
Explain how information systems can improve management decision-making effectiveness.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: Prereq DPR 100 or 101