ART 230 - Graphic Design I

Course Description

This is an intermediate level course for graphic design majors. Through a series of projects students learn to employ basic design concepts in solving different types of visual communications problems. Demonstration, discussion and formal critiques will augment studio work.

Upon successful completion a student will be able to:

Combine type and image in a layout to communicate an idea or message.
Interpret and represent an idea by means of a mark or symbol.
Interpret advertising copy and incorporate it in a design.
Demonstrate visual gestalt principles in solving a design problem.
Use traditional graphic design tools and techniques to develop a design concept from sketch to tight comprehensive layout.
Evaluate visual solutions to design problems verbally and in writing.
Produce content as an effective form of visual communication.
Practice critical thinking skills through the production and evaluation of artwork.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: ART 123, ART 208 and ART 211 Corequisite: ART 215