Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

EDU 220 - Introduction to Special Education

Course Description

This course will provide an introduction to the field of special education, major provisions of special education law, and the legal mandates of the teacher serving children with disabilities in the least restrictive setting. It will also review the major needs of students with disabilities, including the effects of family demongraphics. Emphasis will be placed on working within special education team structures, recognizing inclusive practices, and discussing the various roles of professionals.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of identification, characteristics of different types of disabilities, as well as effective, evidenced-based instructional practices and adaptations.
Demonstrate understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities of the teacher for special education referral and evaluation and the rights and procedural safeguards that students are guaranteed.
Demonstrate an understanding of possible causes and implications for the over-representation of minorities in special education so as to not misinterpret behaviors that represent cultural, linguistic differences as indicative of learning problems.
Demonstrate an understanding of the components of the Individualized Education Plan (lEP) process, with emphasis on understanding measurable goals based on present levels, specially designed instruction, adaptations, accommodations, supplementary aids and services, and supports for school personnel.
Identify essential concepts, best-practices and strategies for serving students with IEPs.

Prerequisite: In addition, students must obtain the standard criminal background checks that are required for those who work in school settings. These include a fingerprint check, a Criminal Background Check (ACT 34) and Child Abuse Clearance (ACT 151) prior to beginning the course. Background check forms are available on-line.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: ENG 112, PSY 140