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CUL 199 - Culinary Externship

Externship and/or Experiential Learning will provide an opportunity for Culinary Arts students, who have demonstrated a proficiency with basic skills to gain practical field experience. This field experience will allow the students to apply their acquired skills and develop greater proficiency in a real world situation. Students participating in this 180 hour experience will also earn 3 college credits for this experience. Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: Demonstrate the ability to apply kitchen safety and sanitation concepts learned in HRM. Demonstrate the ability to perform in a professional setting in a professional manner with regard to attendance, punctuation, teamwork, attitude, production volume and quality, and ability to meet prescribed deadlines. Demonstrate the ability to maintain a journal of their work experience including a log of duties performed, skills demonstrated, special project assignments, challenges encountered, supervisor reviews and self-reflections. Demonstrate the ability to apply basic cooking skills learned in CUL 115/230 or CUL 150/151. For Cooking Assignments (CUL 115/230)- Proper use of commercial food service equipment, safe kitchen work habits, safe food handling, proficiency in knife skills and the use of kitchen tools, proficiency in weights, measures and recipe conversions For Baking Assisgnments (CUL 150/151) Proper application of baking techniques, proficiency in proper mixing of ingredients, proficiency in production to various baked goods, proficiency in the use of kitchen tools, proficiency in weights, measures and recipe conversions.
Credit Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: HRM 110 and CUL 230 or CUL 151