AHM 240 - Hospital Coding and Case Studies

Course Description

This course is designed for students who plan to work in the Health Information Management (HIM) department of a hospital. It is intended to provide additional in-depth study of inpatient medical record case studies to increase knowledge and skills in ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding. This course will also provide students the opportunities to use and apply ICD-10-PCS coding classification system. Students will learn coding characteristics, conventions and apply guidelines to identify and accurately assign codes to inpatient hospital procedures.
Students must achieve an overall grade of "C" (70% or above) to receive credit for this course for Allied Health Programs or certificates.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Given a scenario, extract the relevant diagnoses and/or procedures and then accurately and completely code them according to ICD-10-CM guidelines and ICD-10-PCS guidelines.
Apply coding guidelines to accurately code principal diagnoses and procedures to determine the correct diagnosis related group assignments.
Demonstrate the use of ICD-10-CM coding and ICD-10-PCS coding in DRG assignment.
Recognize the economic and ethical implications of coding assignment on reimbursement.

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3

Course Prerequisites: Prereq: AHM 239