Horticulture Training

Horticulture Training

Successful completion of six core courses is required to obtain this certificate and will also prepare the student for the Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist (PCH) examination, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nurseryman’s Association. Four of the courses are listed below. Two others—Evergreen Trees and Shrubs; and Landscape/Retail Business—will be offered in the fall semester. Individual courses are open to all; pursuit of Certificate not required.

Schedule Dates Time Location Cost
No classes scheduled for Summer 2016        

Principles of Horticulture
Introduces the professional landscaper or home gardener to plant growth and physiology, basic botany and reproduction, soil and water requirements, propagation and transplanting, site selection, and mulching and composting techniques.

CAR 3847 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $149; Non-Sponsoring $189

Landscape Design
An introduction to landscape design/architecture. Enhance your skill in property beautification, exploring a variety of trees and shrubs, planting guides, color in foliage, topiary forms, container planting, and more.

CAR 3511 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $149; Non-Sponsoring $189

Landscape/Retail Business
Explore the management and operation of a retail garden center and a landscape business. Garden center includes advertising; signage; ordering, display and care of plant material; and gardening supplies. Landscape business includes dividing; pruning; propagation; digging trees and shrubs; sodding; diseases and insects; weeds; aeration and dethatching of lawns; hardscaping; insurance; job pricing and bookkeeping.

CAR 3849 / Length 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $149; Non-Sponsoring $189

Herbaceous Perennials, Annuals and Bulbs
Presents detailed information about selected species, including ornamental grasses, from genera grown in the Mid-Atlantic region. Covers planning, preparing, planting and caring for a year-round garden. 

CAR 3874 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $149; Non-Sponsoring $189

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
Learn the cultural characteristics of flowering trees and shrubs indigenous to the Mid-Atlantic Region, and discuss how to prepare, plant and care them in the landscape.

CAR 3875 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $149; Non-Sponsoring $189

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs
Examine selected species of major evergreen and semievergreen trees and shrubs of the Mid-Atlantic region, and learn how to prepare and care for them in the landscape.

CAR 3848 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring $149; Non-Sponsoring $189