CNC, Geothermal and Solar PV

CNC, Geothermal & Solar

CNC (Computerized Numeric Control) Operator Program (NIMS certification)

This hands-on program prepares you to sit for NIMS certification (National Institute for Metalworking Skills). NIMS credentials signifies a person can perform the work of a CNC Machine Operator according to recognized national standards. Key skill areas to be covered: CNC mill, lathe and grinder set-up and operation; tool identification, set-up, use and maintenance; machining processes; statistical process control; quality and cycle time optimization; CNC program operation; fixture set-up and operation; CNC troubleshooting.

PDS 2788 / Length: 200 hours

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This training is applicable to HVAC technicians, contractors, plumbers. Topics include ground source system installation, system piping and wiring; control wiring design and material options, system layout, pipe joining techniques, trenching/drilling processes, air and debris purging, sump pressure drop calculations, pump and fluid selection, and thermal conductivity. The coursework prepares students for the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Certified Geothermal Installer exam. IGSHPA is the
certification organization for professional installers in the field of renewable energy.

PDS 2002 / Length: 60 hours

Solar PV

Training is applicable to electrical professionals, building contractors, engineers, architects, maintenance workers, public utility and municipal personnel, and others with electrical/mechanical background. Coursework includes: solar PV technology overview, site assessment and shading analysis, grid-tied and off-grid configurations and system sizing, interpreting equipment specifications and designing a high-performance system, electrical system design and compliance with the National Electrical Code, hardware and mounting systems, workplace safety, and government and utility company requirements. Includes hands-on labwork. Students prepare to take the North American board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NAb-CEP) Entry-Level Solar PV exam. NAbCEP is the national certification organization for professional installers in the
field of renewable energy.

PDS 2004 / Length: 60 hours