Updated COVID Protocols

Effective January 1, 2022, proof of vaccination is required for all faculty, staff and students taking on-campus classes or accessing on-campus services. More information, including specifics for prospective students and visitors, is available at dccc.edu/vaccine-info. Face masks are required in all indoor facilities.

Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Financial Options for 55+

Options for 55+

These courses may be of special interest (but are not limited to) students who are 55 and over. 

Tax-Free Investing: It’s Not What You Make,
It’s What you Keep

This is an educational program designed to inform
individuals about the benefits and considerations of
choosing investments that offer tax advantages. Join us to
learn how certain investments can deliver tax-free income
and possibly keep you in a lower tax bracket.
LSP 5935 / Length: 2 hours

Cost: Sponsoring: $29; Non-Sponsoring: $49

CRN 2187 Tuesday
April 12
6:30-8:30 p.m. Online

Leave It, Move It, Roll It, Take It: Know Your Employer’s
Retirement Plan Options

It you recently switched jobs or retired or are facing
unemployment due to a layoff or downsizing, this seminar
can help you determine what to do with the assets in your
employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. We’ll help
you evaluate your retirement goals and potential investment
strategies, and then we’ll discuss the pros and cons of
your options.
LSP 5936 / 2 hours

Cost: Sponsoring: $29; Non-Sponsoring: $49

CRN 2185 Tuesday
March 8
6-8 p.m. Online
CRN 582 Wednesday
July 13
6-8 p.m. Marple

Retirement: Making Your Money Last
Recently retired or planning to retire soon? This workshop discusses ideas to help build a reasonable and sustainable strategy for managing income and expenses during retirement. We will explore how to address concerns such as inflation, healthcare expenses and market volatility, as well as ways to prepare for things that may not go as expected.

LSP 5921 / Length: 2 hours

Cost: Sponsoring: $29; Non-Sponsoring: $49

CRN 2186 Tuesday
March 22
6-8 p.m. Marple
CRN 583 Aug. 10 6-8 p.m. Marple

Estate Planning for Baby Boomers
Don’t leave a mess for your heirs. Presented by an estates attorney with a Master of Law in Taxation, learn how prepare your estate properly in the case of disability or death. Note: This class is not eligible for College Over 60.

LSP 5899/ Length: 2 hours

Cost: $39

CRN 2206 Tuesday
Feb. 8
7-9:30 p.m. Online
CRN 568 Monday
June 6
7-9:30 p.m. Online

ElderWeek 2022 - May 17, 18 & 19, 2022
2020 and 2021 were years we will ever forget and we want you back with us! Please, mark your calendar now for 2022 when Elder Week returns. 

Delaware County Community College’s 37th Annual ElderWeek (AGAIN), for people 55 years of age and over, features dozens of lively, educational mini classes and the chance to socialize with new and old friends. Includes continental breakfast and your choice of three workshops each day, plus tempting lunches at the “ElderWeek Café”, daily entertainment, door prizes and giveaways, and a gala “Graduation Party.” Choose a low-cost, three-day or two-day option. If you attended ElderWeek last year or any other course at the College in the past two years, watch your mail in mid-January for details! 

If you’re new to Delaware County Community College, call
610-359-5025 to add your name to our mailing list or check out
dccc.edu/ElderWeek. We look forward to seeing you there!

Learn More about ElderWeek»

Time Matters: A Woman’s Outlook on Retirement
Designed for women getting ready for or have recently retired. This program discusses retirement income strategies, including perspectives around Social Security, withdrawal and reliance rates. It also addresses how to prepare for the unexpected, including market and inflation risks, and the rising costs of healthcare and long-term care.

LSP 5923 / Length: 2 hours

Cost: Sponsoring: $29; Non-Sponsoring: $49

CRN 1906 Monday
Dec. 6
6:30-8:30 p.m. Online
CRN 2188 Tuesday
April 26
6-8 p.m. Marple

Five Money Questions for Women
Women face unique financial circumstances. A strong
financial strategy is vital. Ensure your financial strategy
fits your lifestyle and needs. During this presentation, we
explore five critical money questions for women.
LSP 5937 / 2 hours

Cost: Sponsoring: $29; Non-Sponsoring: $49

CRN 2184 Thursday
Feb. 17
6-8 p.m. Marple
CRN 625 Wednesday
June 22
6-8 p.m. Marple

Social Security: When to Collect?
At what age should you begin to collect Social Security benefits? How does working in your retirement affect your benefit? Discuss how to make the big decision, learn strategies to maximize your benefit, and learn how working in retirement can affect your decision.

LSP 5707 / Length: 2 hours
Cost: Sponsoring: $45

CRN 951 Thursday
Febr. 10
7-9 p.m. Online
CRN 2168 Thursday
April 7
7-9 p.m. Online
CRN 564 Thursday
June 23
7-9 p.m. Online
CRN 549 Thursday
Aug. 4
7-9 p.m. Online

Empty Nesters
Designed to help Seniors plan to move on to the next phase of life. The children are grown, and mom and dad no longer need that large, multi-story house with a big yard and ongoing maintenance. Learn about resources and housing options to consider, and help put true priorities in order.

LSP 5895 / Length: 2 hours
Cost: $29

CRN 1192 Wednesday
Feb. 16
6-8 p.m. Online
CRN 567 Wednesday
June 15
6-8 p.m. Online

Tuition Waiver for College Over 60

Delaware County Community College will waive the tuition (tuition only - not fees) for one three credit or one non-credit course per semester for those individuals over 60 years of age. The maximum tuition waiver is equal to the tuition for a three credit course. For those individuals over 60 years of age who reside in non-sponsoring areas of Delaware County and Chester County, we will waive the tuition amount, however, you will be responsible for the non-sponsor fee, plus the fees that all students are responsible to pay (please see below).

Enrollment will be on a space available basis. Not all of the courses offered by the College qualify for the College Over 60 Program. Registration for the College Over 60 Program will be limited to the two business days prior to the start of the class. Proof of age (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, etc.) is necessary when first registering for the College Over 60 Program.

Tuition amounts are waived, but course fees are the responsibility of the student. Such fees include: materials, instructional, and registrations fees; these must be paid at time of registration. The tuition waiver plus other forms of financial aid awards and/or third-party payments received on behalf of the student cannot exceed tuition and eligible fee charges; if so, the College Over 60 tuition waiver will be reduced accordingly.

To determine your eligibility and the exact course cost, please call 610-359-5025 or 610-359-7344.