COVID-19 College Update | March 31, 2020

In accordance with Governor Wolf’s directive, the College’s physical campuses and centers will remain closed through April 30. However, all courses, student support services and College operations are occurring remotely. The College continues to serve students and the communities of Delaware and Chester Counties. Please visit for more information.
Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Learning Languages

Learning Languages


Beginning courses introduce basics of pronunciation, sentence structure and vocabulary; intermediate courses review and improve comprehension and fluency. Conversational courses require prior understanding of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, and will involve dialogues, conversations and oral readings.

Beginning Spanish
CAR 2129 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring: $189; Non-Sponsoring: $219


Beginning Spanish II
CAR 21296 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring: $189; Non-Sponsoring: $219


Beginning Italian
CAR 2111 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring: $189; Non-Sponsoring: $219


Beginning Italian II
CAR 2111 / Length: 16 hours
Cost: Sponsoring: $189; Non-Sponsoring: $219



English as a Second Language
Provides beginning, intermediate and advanced instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Students are grouped according to their current ability after assessment process at the first class. All levels may not be available at every location. Book with CD included. NOTE: Students will all be tested on the first night of class. The results will place students in qualifying levels: beginners, intermediate, or advanced. Classes will begin the week after testing. No class 11/22.

CSP 5021 / Length: 40 hours
Cost: $375

* No Class 11/28

Elementary Grammar for Foreign Students
Learn and practice your grammar skills in this high beginning multi-skills course incorporating listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities focused on everyday life. Book included. Upon successful completion of this course, you may be eligible for three academic credits.

CSP 5268 / Length: 45 hours
Cost: $399


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Prep Course
Skill-building practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing for students registering for the TOEFL exam. Also provides test-taking strategies. This is a test-preparation course for students who are already fluent in English. Does not include instruction in ESL. Book included. 

CAR 3311 / Length: 48 hours
Cost: $399


Elementary Speaking/Listening
This course is intended to assist advanced ESL speakers. Class time is devoted to speaking for everyday needs, grammar practice, pronunciation, intensive listening to short, narratives and listening for specific information in extended narratives and conversations. Students in this course come from a variety of language backgrounds and are capable of following class instruction. Students must be motivated to practice in and out of class, to improve their speaking and listening skills and advance their communication skills. Students participate in oral presentations, role-playing, debates, reading activities and group discussions. Not for beginning speakers. Book included.

CSP 9396 / Length: 45 hours
Cost: $399


Writing for Foreign Students Learning English
Helps those who speak English as a second language to think and write in English. Grammar is taught along with basic writing skills. A speaking knowledge of English is required. No class the week of 3/13-3/18.

CSP 5232 / Length: 20 hours
Cost: $225