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If you have received a piece of mail from Delaware County Community College during the last 25 years, then there’s a good chance it originated at the desk of Milly Colligon ’72. Milly will retire this month after 25 years of service to the College as Publications and Graphic Design Specialist for the Office of Marketing & Public Relations. From the noncredit course guide to Commencement programs to admissions invitations, Milly has designed countless materials using equal parts creativity and dedication to inform the community of all the College has to offer.

Milly started at the College during its early days, eventually graduating with a degree in Liberal Arts. After several post-graduation jobs, she started working for UPS as a Package Car Driver, with dreams of continuing her education. She was eventually recruited by the director for the Center for Quality and Productivity in 1992 here at the College. Four short years later, she was reassigned to a new position in Public Relations, as a graphic designer for internal customers. It also allowed her the opportunity to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts at Neumann College, from which she graduated with high honors in 1996.

As one of her main responsibilities, Milly works with various printers and vendors across the Delaware Valley. This requires a high level of planning and price negotiation so the best possible rate is confirmed for each unique project. One of her colleagues here at the College, Diana Plummer, will miss her attention to detail. “Milly and I have worked on many, many projects together over the years. She is very knowledgeable about all the details needed for a successful printing job and could always explain to me why specific vendors are better suited for certain projects. Because of her precise organization it was always a joy to work with her - I knew she would provide me with everything I needed to complete my part of the job.” 

Michelle Tooker, Assistant Director of Public Relations and Publications, adds, “Milly’s expertise in design and production as well as her knowledge of the College are irreplaceable. She is one of the most hard working and dedicated colleagues I have worked with, and she has helped me tremendously in the six and a half years we’ve worked together.”

Star Printing and Mailing, one of the College’s main print vendors, has worked closely with Milly and Vice President Terry Dillon speaks glowingly of her. “It has been my great fortune to have had the opportunity to work with Milly for the past 10+ years. Tenacious, analytical, patient and kind her good taste and keen eye prove that Milly is a true artist. Her talent for juggling myriad projects and her attention to every detail, all while keeping her sense of humor, are only a small part of what makes her a consummate professional.”

These quotes are just some of the well wishes being sent Milly’s way as she ends her tenure here at the College. Our students, graduates, faculty and administrators have all benefited from Milly’s involvement over the years. The College is not saying good bye but instead saying good luck to Milly on her wonderful next adventures.

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