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Widener University - Nursing RSN to BSN Transfer Agreement

Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Delaware County Community College and Widener University have entered into this agreement to guarantee admission for students in the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Nursing (A.A.S.) program at Delaware County Community College who wish to complete the RN to BSN program at Widener University. The RN-BSN degree program at Widener University requires the completion of 122 credits. The program can be completed in as little as three semesters, but must be completed within three years. Courses are offered online and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. In order for DCCC A.A.S. transfer students to graduate from the BSN program, students must complete a minimum of 30 Nursing credits at Widener University. Additional core and support credits may be fulfilled at DCCC and accepted by Widener University, according to the accompanying program-to-program guide. Major courses required for the BSN must be completed at Widener University. DCCC students who transfer with an
A.A.S. degree will receive transfer credit for all earned credits within their associate degree program.

To qualify for the benefits of this agreement, students must:

1. Graduate from DCCC with an A.A.S. degree in Nursing and a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average. A grade of "C" or higher must be earned in a course in order for it to be transferrable.
2. Be licensed as a registered nurse before beginning the program or by the end of the first semester of the program at Widener University.
3. Choose the recommended elective courses and course sequences as agreed to on the accompanying program-to-program guide (Appendix A).
4. Submit an online Widener University application, an official transcript from all post-secondary institutions attended, and a copy of current RN license, if already obtained.
5. Meet recommended dates for application, August 1st for Fall semester entry and December 1st for Spring semester entry. Payment of fees, etc., that would normally apply to other transfer students at Widener.

If any of the above terms and conditions are not met, Widener University shall determine appropriate transfer of credit on an individual basis.

This agreernent may be terminated at any time by either Widener University or Delaware County Community College by written notice thirty days in advance of the effective date of termination. It is understood that any termination will not apply to sfudents who have already started the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing degree at Delaware County Community
College or the Bachelor Degree program at Widener University.

To ultimately benefit each institution and their students, this articulation agreement is finalized by the signatures below.

Signatures on File in the Transfer Office

Appendix A
(Associate in Applied Science) to
For students who start major Fall 2016 and after

DCCC Widener University
MAT 121 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3 PSY 381 Statistics 3
ENG 100 English Composition I 3 ENGL 101 Composition & Critical Thought 3
PSY 140 General Psychology 3 PSY 105  Introduction to Psychology 3
BIO 150 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 BIOL 121 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
NUS 102 Nursing Mathematics 1   Not Applicable 0
    14     13
First Semester     First Semester    
BIO 151 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4 BIOL 122  Anatomy & Physiology II 4
PSY 210 Lifespan Human Development 3 PSY 211 Human Growth & Development I 3
NUS 110 Concepts and Practice I 8 FREE 10A Free elective 8
    15     15
Second Semester     Second Semester    
NUS 111 Concepts and Practice II* 10 BLOCK credit* * *
NUS 221 Pharmacology for Healthcare* 3 BLOCK credit* * *
  Global Understanding Humanities Requirement** 3 HUM 10A  Humanities elective 3
    16     3
Third Semester     Third Semester    
COMM 100 or COMM 111 Interpersonal Communication or Public Speaking 3   Social Science Elective 3
NUS 211 Concepts and Practice III 10 BLOCK credit* * *
    13   Students are awareded a total of 33 credits for the combination of these DCCC courses.  
  Total Credits 71   Total Credits 71
Additional Courses that can be taken at DCCC to satisfy Widener course requirements. If not taken at DCCC, will be taken at Widener.
BIO 220 Nutrition and Well Being*** 3 NURS 216 Nutrition in Health Care 3
ENG 112 English Composition II: Writing About Literature 3 ENGL 102 Advanced Composition and Literature 3
  2 Humanities Electives**** 6 HUM 10A Humanities Electives 6
BIO 230 or BIO 240 Intro to Microbiology or General Microbiology 4 BIOL 219/220 Microbiology/Lab 4
  2 Free Electives***** 6 FREE 10A Free Electives 6
  Total Credits 22   Total Credits 22
Remaining Courses (RN-BSN Coursework) to be taken at Widener******
Term 1 (9 credits)     Term 3 (9 credits)    
NURS 442 Nursing Theories and Professional Practice 3 NURS 441 Healthcare Policy for the RN 3
NURS 447 Evidence Based Practice for the RN 3 NURS 440 Leadership and Management for the RN 6
NURS 446 Nursing Design for the RN 3      
Term 2 (12 credits)          
NURS 443 Population Health for the RN 6      
NURS 444 Genetics and Genomics 3      
NURS 448 Gerontology for the RN 3      

1. All pre-requisite courses must be completed prior to starting the RN-BSN coursework.
2. Studenl should choose one of the followingi HUI\, 120, HUM 121, HUM 160.
3. Studenis may challenge the Nutrilion course by laking a challenge exam at Widener.
4. Choose from any HUM, PHI or ENG course to fulflll the Humanities electives (HUM 10B and HUM 10C).
5. Students may select any TWO college level transferable courses at DCCC.
6. Students may take up to 6 credits of graduate courses as a non-matriculated student while obtaining their Bachelor Degree. The graduate tuition rate applies.

The student must complete the RN-BSN program from the start of the RN-BSN coursework in three years.