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Villanova University - Guaranteed Admission College of Professional Studies Agreement

Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and Villanova University enter into this Guaranteed Admission and Transfer Agreernent to facilitate the transfer of DCCC students to Villanova University's Bachelor of lnterdisciplimry Studies degree with majors in General Studies, Information Systems, Leadership Studies and Media & Technology. This agreement supersedes the previous Guaranteed Admission and Core-to-Core agreement between Delaware County Community College and Villanova University's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree, dated December 3, 2003.

Under the Guaranteed Admission Agreement, DCCC students will be guaranteed admission into the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree pmgram with a maximum of 60 credits that are applicable to the Villaoova BIS degree on the condition that they: graduate ftom DCCC with an Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree or Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0; complete a "Guaranteed Admission Intent to Enroll" forrn; and satisfy all other Villanova University transfer requirements for part-time study, including ttre completion of a Part-Time Studies admissions application. A part-time student admitted with third year Junior status to Villanova Universify will be able to complete the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree at Villanova University within an appropriate time frame provided the student completes one of the Associate Degree programs at DCCC specified above and completes and appropriately sequences their remaining coursework at Villanova University. DCCC shall encourage students to make tlemselves aware of Villanova University degree
requirernents early in their tenure at Delaware County Community College in order to facilitate a smooth transition, preferably before the completion of 30 college credits.

In addition Villanova University agrees to accept ttre general education embedded in the DCCC Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees as meeting the majority of the requirernents of its undergraduate general education requirements with the exceptions of Theology 1000 (Christian Faith and Life) and ACS 1000 (Core Humanities Seminar: Ancients) which must be completed at Villanova University. In addition, MAT 1260 must be taken at Villanova University unless the student has completed MAT 210 at DCCC. Please note, students may have additional Core requirements to complete depending upon DCCC classes that are trarsferred in as free electives. A minimum of half of tie total credits required for the BIS degree mus be eamed at Villanova University, as well as half of the courses in the major. This Transfer agreement applies to all DCCC AA. and A.S. graduates applying for the Part-Time Studies Bachelor of lnterdisciplinary Studies degree.

To facilitate the transfer of DCCC gaduales to Villanova University in accordance with the foregoing guarantee, the parties agree to the following:

Obligations of Villanova University 
1. To attend regularly scheduled Day and Evening Transfer Programs at DCCC.
2. Villanova University will provide DCCC with Fact Sheets to distribute upon request.
3. To invite DCCC students who have completed a "Guaranteed Admission Intent to Enroll" form to an informational advising meeting(s) with Villanova University faculty and staff in order to facilitate smooth curricular and co-curricular integration to Villanova University.
4. To send, withio 30 days of receipt of the "Guaranteed Admission Intent to Enroll" form, a Villanova University, Part-Time Studies written coofirmalion to all DCCC students who complete a "Guaranteed Admission Intent to Enroll" form and meet thc conditions set forth in the Preface. Students must confirm their intention to matriculate at Villanova University by August for the fall semester, and by Decernber for the sprirg semester, and satisfy all other Villanova University Part-Time Studies transfer requirements, insluding the completion of a Part-Time Studies admissions application. DCCC students who complete a "Guaranteed Admission Intent to Enroll" form will be govemed by the Villanova University Part-Time Studies Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree requirements in effect at the time of signing the "Guaranteed Admission Intent to Enroll" form.
5. To waive the application fee for students who apply to Villanova University pursuant to this Ageement.
6. To consider for the Community College Scholars merit tuition rate program all those qualified graduates admitted to Villanova University pursuant to this Agreemenl Eligible students with an overall grade point average of 3.30 or higher will receive a 20% tuition reduction for each course taken at Villanova for a total of six semesters. (Revised June 2008) To corsider Phi Theta Kappa part-time scholarships for all those qualified graduates admitted to Villanova University pursuant to this Agreement. A varying number of Phi Theta Kappa
renewable scholarships are available. Currently a 3.5 grade point average is required for consideration and eligible students must enter Villanova University after completion of their
DCCC academic program (without attending another school in-between). They must also be enrolled in a degree-seeking pograrn. The number of semesters for renewal will be based on the student's grade level upon enrollment to Villanova University. Non-US citizens and students with previous bachelors' degrees are not eligible.
7. To ensure these students will be provided with Villanova University financial aid information and receive full consideration for Villanova University financiai aid, in addition to the scholarship Iisted above upon matriculation at Villanova University.
8. To support and accept the Transfer agreement that allows the DCCC general education courses for the A.A. or A.S. degree to fulfill the majority of Villanova University Bachelor of
Interdisciplinary Studies Core requirements, except for the following 2 courses which must be completed at Villanova University: Theology 1000 (Christian Faith and Life) and ACS 1000 (Core Humanities Seminar: Ancients). In addition, MAT 1260 must be taken at Villanova University unless the student has completed MAT 210 at DCCC. Please note, students may have additional Core requirements to complete depending upon DCCC classes that are transfened in as free electives. The transfer agreement does not alter the requirements of the student's major field of study or its admissions standard as identified in the Vilianova University catalog.
9. To transfer to Villanova University, courses must have a passing gmde of "C" or better.
10. DCCC graduates entering Villanova University, Part-Time Studies under the terms of this agreement will go through Villanova University's Part-Time Studies transfer process aod therefore must meet all applicable Part-Time Studies requirements and deadlines pertaining to orientation and registration and payment of tuition and fees. They will abide by the policies and procedures, and any revisions thereof, that apply to all Villanova University Part-Time Studies students.
11. To work with DCCC on program-to-program articulation guides that specify for DCCC transfer students the DCCC courses that satisfy major requirements for part-time degree completion at Villanova University.
12.To ensure that DCCC Guaranteed Admission students who matriculate in the part-time degree specified throughout this agreement at Villanova University have all of the rights and privileges of other Villanova University Part-Time Studies students.

Obligations of Delaware County Community College
Publicize this Agreement to prospective and current DCCC students in its promotional literature, and make arangements for Villanova University recruiters and advisors to visit DCCC and meet with prospective and current Guaranteed Admission students.

Joint Oblications
1. Consult with each other through appropriate channels prior to implementing major changes in policy or curricula that directly affect students transferring under the terms of this Agreement and keep each other infonned of any other changes of policy or curricula that affect those students. Both Villanova University and DCCC will review this Agreement annually and make any changes upon mutual agreemen! as needed. Such changes will become effective when both DCCC and Villanova University sign the revised docurnent.
2. Collaborate in providing students with information and academic advising about this agreement, Villanova University's academic requirements, and the process of transferring to Villanova University, Part-Time Studies.
3. DCCC and Villanova University jointly agiee to develop and implement advertising and promotional efforts to communicate the benefits of Guaranteed Admission.
4. Each institution witl designate a representative or representatives who will coordinate the Guaranteed Admission and Part-Time Transfer Agreement between the two institutions.
5. Exchange data and doouments annually that will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of this Transfer arrangement, enhance the transfer process, and promote effective cooperation between institutions.
6. Facilitate and support consultation and collaboration betwean their faculties related to this agreement, general education, degree requirements, and other academic matters.
7. To provide direct links between appropriate sites on Villanova University and DCCC websites.

Revision. Renewal and Termination of this Agreement
The Villanova University's Part-Time Studies Office and the appropriate offices at DCCC are responsible for identifying, and communicating to each other, changes in the policies or requirements of their respective institutions that affect this Ageement. 

This Agreement will be in effect as of the date of its signing for students entering Villanova University's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree on or after May 1, 2012. It will be reviewed anually by the appropriate parties at each institution, and will be renewed automatically until superseded by a new Agreement or formally terminated. Either institution may terminate this Agreement at any time by written notice. Should this Agreement be termimted, it is understood that the termination will not apply to students already accepted to Villanova University's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree under the terms of this Agreement.

Other Provisions of this Agreement

  • Assignment. Neither party shall assign this Agreernent to another without the written consent of the other. Any such purported assignment shall be void.
  • No Third Party Beneficiaries. None of the benefits obligations of either party shall run to or be enforceable by any student or other third party.
  • Entire Agreement. This Agreement represents the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any prior and/or contemporaneous discussions,representations or agreements, whether written or oral, of the parties regarding its subject matter.
  • The willingness of both institutions to alter this Agreement in order to facilitate the transfer of students from Delaware County Community College into Villanova University, and to expaad their opportunities for academic success there, is indicated by the following signarures.


Signatures on File in the Transfer Office