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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Temple University Health Information Management Articulation Agreement

(Effective Fall 2017)

Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and Temple University (Temple) enter into this agreement in order to facilitate the transfer of students who have earned the Associate in Science in Science for Health Professions into Temple’s Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management program. 

Once students transfer to Temple University they shall be able to complete the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management within one summer session and four regular semesters of full-time enrollment, assuming that no remedial or repeated courses are needed, that the recommended courses are successfully completed, and all applicable Temple grade and other requirements are met to the satisfaction of Temple.

Students who complete the Delaware County Community College curriculum specified in the required course equivalencies table on page 4 of this agreement are guaranteed the transfer credit for courses indicated in that section. Courses not listed there, but brought into Temple in transfer by a student covered by this agreement, will be granted credit according to standard Temple- Delaware County Community College equivalencies.

This agreement does not change the regular Temple policy that grants transfer credit to courses taken
elsewhere only if they were completed with a grade of C or higher.

Students who transfer under the terms of this agreement are responsible for meeting requirements in their major field of study, and any other curricular requirements applying to all Temple students, that were in effect at Temple at the time of their admittance to Temple. These students will abide by the policies and procedures, and any revisions thereof, that apply to all Temple students.

This agreement does not cover students who transfer from Delaware County Community College to Temple without an Associate in Science Degree in Science for Health Professions.


1. Students entering Temple under the terms of this agreement must meet all regular Temple admissions requirements and all applicable Temple requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission and payment of tuition and fees.

2. Evaluation of transfer credits is based on a student's major, and the student's Temple school/college makes the final determination of which transfer credits are applicable to the student's degree program. Transfer evaluations may change for students who change majors. Whenever possible, credit is allowed for courses completed more than 10 years before the date of admission.

3. Because the DCCC Associate in Science in Science for Health Professions is covered by this program-to-program articulation agreement is also approved for GenEd-to-GenEd Transfer to Temple, students under this program agreement satisfy Temple General Education (GenEd) requirements according to the terms of the Delaware County Community College-Temple GenEdto-GenEd Transfer agreement. Their GenEd requirements are met by receipt of the Delaware County Community College A.S. degree.

4. Temple University requires that all undergraduate degree candidates complete 45 hours of the last 60 hours of the degree or program as matriculated students at Temple University. If a matriculated student previously took Temple courses on a non-matriculated basis, those courses are counted towards this requirement.


Delaware County Community College will maintain and distribute information about the current form of this agreement, and any changes relevant to it, to students, counselors, faculty and advisors.

Temple University's College of Public Health will keep appropriate Temple offices and staff including Undergraduate Studies and the Admission's office) informed of this agreement and any modifications
thereto, and will be responsible for distributing information concerning any changes.

Both institutions will encourage Delaware County Community College students to meet with representatives of Temple University to discuss issues related to admissions and financial aid well in advance of their expected date of entry.

Faculty from each institution teaching in the curriculum for which this agreement has been developed will be encouraged to meet to discuss issues of curriculum and student development.

Temple University and Delaware County Community College will collaborate when possible on research activities that will help assess the effectiveness of this transfer program in meeting the needs of students transferring from Delaware County Community College to Temple University.


The Temple University College of Public Health and the Transfer Office at the Delaware County Community College are responsible for identifying, and communicating to each other, changes in their respective courses, requirements, or policies that affect this agreement.

This agreement will be in effect as of the Fall 2017 Semester, and will be reviewed annually by the Temple University College of Public Health and Transfer Office at Delaware County Community College, and will automatically be renewed until superseded by a new agreement, addendum, or formal termination. Revisions in the course equivalency lists may be made with the verbal consent of the representatives of the two schools; major revisions to this agreement require their signatures on a letter of agreement or a revised version of the agreement. All revisions, however, require that documentation is sent and approved by Undergraduate Studies at Temple University to ensure that updates are made to the appropriate systems in order to effectively implement this agreement. Either institution may terminate this agreement at any time by written notice at least one year in advance of the effective date of termination. Should this agreement be terminated, it is understood that the termination will not apply to students already accepted to Temple University under the terms of this agreement, but not yet enrolled in classes at Temple.

Delaware County Community College and Temple University understand that they shall act in an independent capacity in the performance of this agreement, and shall not be considered as employees, agents, affiliates, or subsidiaries of each other. Neither Temple nor Delaware County Community College have the right to bind or obligate one another in any manner inconsistent with or unrelated to this agreement. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

DCCC Recommended Course     Temple Equivalent  
First Semester        
ENG 100 English Composition I 3 ENG 0802 Analytic Reading & Writing
BIO 150 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 KINS 1223 Anatomy & Physiology I
MAT 121 Introdocution to Probability & Statistics 3-4 MATH L Math Elective
CHE 101 or CHE 110 Introduction or General Chemistry I 4 CHEM 1021/1023 OR CHEM 1031/1033 Intro OR General Chemistry I & Lab
  Semester Credits 14-15    
Second Semester        
ENG 112 English Compotion II: Writing About Literature 3 ENGL L English Lower Level Elective
  Laboratory Science Required Elective
Recommend: BIO 151 Human A&P II
4   Dependent upon course selection
  Mathematics Required Elective
Recomend MAT 210 Statistics
3 MATH 1013 Elements of Statistics
  Any transferable Diversity and Social Justice AND Global Understanding designated Social Science course 3   Dependent upon course selection
COMM 100 or 111 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication OR Public Speaking 3 AOD 1166 or SMC 1111 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication or Public Speaking
  Semester Credits 19    
Third Semester        
  Mathematics/Science Required Elective 4   Dependent upon course selection
  Laboratory Science Required Elective 4   Dependent upon course selection
  SSocial Science Elective 3   Dependent upon course selection
  Humanities Elective 3   Dependent upon course selection
DPR 100 Introduction to Informaiton Technology  3 CIS L CIS Elective
  Semester Credits 17    
Fourth Semester        
  Mathematics/Science Required Elective 4   Dependent upon course selection
  Mathematics/Science Required Elective 4   Dependent upon course selection
  Social Science Elective 3   Dependent upon course selection
  Open Elective
Recommend AHM 233 Medical Terminology
3   Dependent upon course selection
  Open Elective
Recommend AHM 102 Introduction to Health Care
  Semester Credits 17    
  Total Program Credits 67-68    


  HIM 2215 Health Information Management IT Fundamentals


1. Students should select DCCC’s BIO 150: Human Anatomy and BIO 151: Human Physiology as Laboratory Science Electives as these courses will fulfill major requirements KINS 1223: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and KINS 1224: Human Anatomy and Physiology II. Students transferring without BIO 150 and 151 will need additional semesters at Temple to complete the degree.
2. Students should select DCCC’s MAT 210: Statistics or BUS 220 or an appropriate DCCC pre-requisite for MAT 210 or BUS 220: Elementary Statistics. MAT 210 transfers to Temple as MATH 1013: Elements of Statistics and will satisfy a major requirement at Temple. Students transferring without MAT 210 will need additional semesters at Temple to complete the degree.
3. Students should select AHM 233: Medical Terminology, for one of the three open electives. AHM 233 transfers to Temple as HIM 1101: Medical Terminology and satisfied a major requirement. Students transferring without AHM 233 will need additional semesters at Temple to complete the degree.
4. Temple’s Health Information Management Department will accept by DARS substitution DCCC’s DPR 100: Intro to Computers, as fulfilling the CIS 1055: requirement for the major. A grade of C or higher is needed in DCCC’s DPR 100 (or pass Temple University HIM Department’s Computer Competency Exam).
5. Students should select AHM 102: Introduction to Health Care. AHM 102 transfers to Temple as HIM 2203: U.S.
Healthcare Systems. AHM 102 satisfies the requirements for HPM 2214: Politics and Payment in the US Healthcare System through DARS exception.
6. Students completing AHM 102: Introduction to Health Care are must request approval for a course substitution from the STEM Dean at DCCC to ensure that completion of this course satisfies graduation requirements at DCCC.
7. Students who complete the A.S. in Science for Health Professions are included in the DCCC-Temple GenEd-to-GenEd Transfer Agreement and therefore have satisfied all of the GenEd requirements at Temple. Students should work with their DCCC transfer advisor to select approved courses to fulfill the DCCC degree requirements. Students who completed the program prior to Fall 2011, must get certified by DCCC’s Transfer Office.
8. HIM 2215: Health Care Information Management IT Fundamentals must be completed through Temple’s Office of Continuing Studies prior to beginning the HIM program. A grade of C or better is required for all HIM prerequisite and professional courses.
9. Students are encouraged to consult Temple’s Transfer Equivalency Tool to see how selected coursework might

DARS Exceptions to be entered by Temple Academic Advisor
Undergraduate students and their advisors use the Degree Audit Reporting System to plan and track a student's academic career at Temple. DARS works in concert with our Banner Student information system to show how a student's course work to date, including transferred courses, will fulfill the academic requirements necessary to complete a degree in the major field of study.

1) DCCC’s BIO 150 & BIO 151 will satisfy Temple’s KINS 1223 & KINS 1224
2) MAT 210 will satisfy MATH 1013 at Temple
3) AHM 233 will satisfy HIM 1101 at Temple
4) DPR 100 will satisfy CIS 1055 at Temple
5) AH 102 will satisfy HPM 2214 at Temple

If the suggested classes are successfully completed and an Associate in Science in Science for Health Professions is awarded from DCCC, the remaining two years in the BS Health Information Management Program follows:

Remaining requirements at Temple University    
Summer Semester    
HIM 2215 Health Information Management IT Fundaments 3
  Semester Credits 3
Fifth Semester    
HIM 3101 Health Record Documentation 3
HIM 3106 Pathophysiology 3
HIM 3107 HIM Leadership and Strategic Management 3
HIM 3111 Statistics and Research in Healthcare 3
HIM 3113 Healthcare Database Design and Development 3
  Semester Credits 15
Sixth Semester    
HIM 3297 Health Information Management Human Resource Management (WI0 3
HIM 3212 Clinical Procedures 2
HIM 3208 International Classification of Disease 3
HIM 3203 Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRS) 3
HIM 3214 Pharmacology 1
HIM 3271 Professional Development 1
  Semester Credits 13
Seventh Semester    
HIM 4101 Health Informatics Infrastructure and Standards 3
HIM 4102 Legal Aspects of Health Information Management 3
HIM 4105 Current Procedural Terminology Coding 3
HIM 4113 Healthcare Reimbursement Systems 3
HIM 4207 Healthcare Quality Improvement 3
HIM 4185 Professional Practice Internship 1
HIM 4121 Healthcare Data Analytics 1
  Semester Credits 17
Eighth Semester    
HIM 4202 Health Information Management Project Management 3
HIM 4104 Health Information Management Operations Management 3
HIM 4206 Intermediate Coding 3
HIM 4286 Management Internship 4
HIM 4298 Health Information Management Senior Seminary (WI) 3
  Semester Credits 16
  Credits completed as part of the Associate in Science in Science for Health Professions 67-68
  Credits completed during summer session 3
  Remaining requirements completed at Temple 61
  Total # credits completed to fulfill the requirements for the BS in Health Inforamtion Management 131-132

** Minimum 123 credits required for the BS in Health Information Management
1. To find the online application:
• Go to
• Click on “Apply Online”
• Create an account
• Once your account is created, select “Transfer” then “Health Information Mgt.”
2. Fall admissions only. Completed applications are due by: February 15th. Applications received past this deadline will be considered based on available space.
In addition to being admitted to Temple via the Undergraduate Admissions process, students must also apply and be accepted into the HIM program.
3. All inquiries about the undergraduate program and application are handled through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you have specific questions about your application or the admission process, please call 215-204-7200.
4. Inquiries specific to the Temple Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management program or specific course requirements can be directed to Karen McBride at 215-204-5803, [email protected], or
5. Temple University requires that all undergraduate degree candidates complete 45 hours of the last 60 hours of the degree or program as matriculated students at Temple University. If a matriculated student previously took Temple courses on a non-matriculated basis, those courses are counted towards this requirement.