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Tuition & Fees

Delaware County Community College believes that tuition to attend our College should be affordable, with clear pricing structures, easy-to-understand fees and user-friendly payment policies.

2018-2019 Tuition Costs: Fall 2018 - Summer II 2019

  Per Credit Hour*

Residents of sponsoring school districts**

Pennsylvanians residing in an area that does not sponsor the College

Out-of-state residents

International (does not include permanent residents)





Estimated Cost of Tuition and Fees by Residence

  Sponsoring Non-Sponsoring Out-of-State International
Cost per 3 Credits $552 to $582 $924 to $954 $1,296 to $1,326 $1,401 to $1,431
Cost per 12 Credits $2,200 to $2,320 $3,688 to $3,808 $5,176 to $5,296 $5,596 to $5,716
Cost per 15 Credits $2,740 to $2,890 $4,600 to $4,750 $6,460 to $6,610 $6,985 to $7,135


**Sponsoring school districts: Chester-Upland, Garnet Valley (Bethel residents only), Haverford, Interboro, Radnor, Ridley, Rose Tree Media, Southeast Delco, Springfield, Upper Darby, Wallingford-Swarthmore (Swarthmore and Rutledge residents only), and William Penn.

A sponsoring school district is a school district that contributes financially to the Delaware County Community College budget. Your total tuition and fees depend on the number of credits you take in a semester. The preceding examples include a range for differing instructional support fees.

Additional fees
There are some additional fees that all students are required to pay. There are also fees that apply only to certain students. Below is a list of all our additional fees. Please contact the Enrollment Services Office if you have any questions regarding which fees may apply to you.

Instructional support fee
This fee supports the cost of technology and/or unusual staffing, supply, or facility costs associated with a course. Credit courses are charged a fee of either $57, $62, or $67 per credit hour.

Plant fee
You are charged this fee if you do not reside in a school district that financially sponsors Delaware County Community College. The plant fee is $3 per credit hour for non-sponsors who live in Pennsylvania and $6 per credit hour for out-of-state and international students.

Student activity fee (non-refundable)
The student activity fee is $2 per credit hour.

Enrollment Services Fee (non-refundable) 
This fee is charged each semester you are enrolled in College credit courses at a rate of $4/credit with a maximum charge of $40 per semester or for Non-credit courses, it is $5 per term. This fee is for the purpose of funding the costs associated with the admissions application process, placement testing, enrollment and payment verification, commencement cost and credentials for both degrees and certificates of competency, and where applicable, the evaluation of transfer credits.

Payment plan fee/partial payment (non-refundable)
A $30 fee is charged for deferring payment of your tuition and fees through the College’s payment plan. The plan is limited to credit courses and is not available to international students. Payments and due dates vary by term. Specific information about the plan may be obtained from the Cashier.

Late registration fee (non-refundable)
A $20 fee may be charged if you register for courses after the announced registration dates or during the designated late registration period.

Check service fee (non-refundable)
A $25 fee is charged each time a check is returned by the bank.

Certificate of Competency fee (non-refundable)
A $10 fee is charged when you anticipate completing your Certificate of Competency program requirements and file the appropriate application form. The fee covers the cost of your completion credentials. For concurrent certificates, there are additional forms and fees. Beginning Fall 2017, this fee will be covered by the Enrollment Services Fee (see above).

Commencement fee (non-refundable)
A $25 fee is charged when you notify the College of your eligibility to graduate with a degree by filing the appropriate application. The fee covers the cost of completion credentials, cap and gown rental, and other commencement expenses. This fee is assessed only once per degree. Beginning Fall 2017, this fee will be covered by the Enrollment Services Fee (see above).

International fee (non-refundable)
A $35 per credit hour international fee is charged if you are a citizen of a country other than the United States and you enter on a non-immigrant visa.

Payment policy
All tuition and fees are payable at time of registration unless you participate in the College’s Tuition Payment Plan. The College accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, cash, money orders, and personal checks at the Enrollment Service windows. Payments are accepted at the Marple, Southeast Center, Exton, and Downingtown campuses. Students are encouraged to make payments online through delaGATE. The College accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and electronic checks through delaGATE.  The college will not issue diplomas, certificates, or transcripts to students with financial obligations or to students who have not satisfied any student conduct or academic integrity sanctions.  Once a student satisfies his or her financial obligation or satisfies the outstanding sanction, credentials can be issued and the hold barring issuance of the academic transcript will be removed. 

Tuition payment plan ($30 non-refundable fee)
Students in credit courses may enroll in our tuition payment plan. Through this plan, you may pay tuition by installment on fixed due dates. Plans are available as 2-part (50% down), 3-part (50% down), and 4-part (25% down) depending upon the time of enrollment.  Non-Credit students are not eligible for the tuition payment plan. For more information about this plan, please contact Enrollment Services at 610-359-5118.

Online payment option
For your convenience, you can make payments online through delaGATE and “My Student Records,” where you can also access all of your past and current student records. For more information, contact Enrollment Services.

To be eligible for any refund, you must officially withdraw from the College by dropping your courses during the posted dates. This information can be found on delaGATE under Records and Registration. There is no refund for a W grade. No refund will be issued that is greater than 100 percent of tuition and refundable fees, less any required deposits. Your financial aid status and reason for withdrawal may affect the amount of your refund. Please contact Enrollment Services at 610-359-5335.

For a student who must officially withdraw from the College after the first three weeks of classes because of a call to active duty in the armed services (appropriately certified) or because of a disabling injury or serious illness (either must be certified by a physician), credit for the full amount of tuition paid will be applied to future tuition charges. Federal "return of funds" policies still apply to all federal financial aid.

Withdrawal Form for Medical »
Withdrawal Form for Military »
Withdrawal Form for Life-Changing Event »

*Delaware County Community College reserves the right to change tuition and fees without notice.