Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Political Science, Associate in Arts

Effective: Fall, 2017

The Political Science Program is designed for but not limited to, students who wish to attain a Baccalaureate Degree in Political Science.  This program will provide students with the basis and development of the discipline of Political Science in general and then delve into substantive study of each of the major fields within the discipline.  Students will also complete courses that meet their general education requirements.  Upon successful completion of an Associate in Arts degree in Political Science, students will be able to transfer into parallel programs.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Describe the theoretical principles that underlie the Constitution from which the government and politics of the United States emanate.
  • Identify and assess the US Federal system in terms of its economic basis, structure and functions.
  • Compare and contrast international political systems, cultures, economics, and histories.
  • Analyze political factors and the dynamics of democracy and actors within the system: citzens, political parties, interest groups, the media, and electoral process.

Apply Now

Second Semester (15 credits)

POL 130 - American State and Local Government3
ENG 112 - English Composition II: Writing About Literature3
COMM 111 - Public Speaking3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
DPR 100 - Introduction to Information Technology3
DPR 101 - Introduction to Computer Science3
Any transferable Scientific Inquiry (SI) designated Science Course (3 credits)

Third Semester (15 credits)

POL 200 - World Affairs3
SOC 260 - Research Methodology3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
ECO 210 - Macroeconomic Principles3
ECO 220 - Microeconomic Principles3
Foreign Language Elective (3 credits)
Political Science Elective (3 credits)

Fourth Semester (15 credits)

POL 226 - Comparative Politics3
Foreign Language Elective (3 credits)
Social Science Elective (3 credits)
Humanities Elective (3 credits)
Any 200 level Political Science course (3 credits)

Note: Foreign Language Elective: Must be sequential courses in the same language.

Total Credits: 60-61