Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Liberal Arts, Associate in Arts

Effective: Fall, 2017

The Liberal Arts curriculum provides the core liberal arts component of most bachelor’s degree programs and prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges or universities. The interdisciplinary curriculum is well-suited for students who are either undecided about their major or who are seeking a broad, general education before narrowing the focus of their course of study. After completing this program, students will be well-positioned to pursue any number of different Bachelor of Arts programs at four-year institutions. Since curriculum requirements of other institutions vary, students should meet with a transfer advisor at DCCC to obtain information concerning entrance requirements for the specific school and program in which they are interested. 

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this curriculum, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate sound critical thinking, information literacy, and technological competency in the production of academic writing and presentations.
  • Demonstrate quantitative and scientific reasoning when investigating and solving abstract and material problems.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the social, political, and economic forces which shape individuals, institutions, and communities in the modern world.
  • Critically engage with aesthetic expressions of human experience.
  • Analyze and reflect on human behavior from theoretical and empirical perspectives.

Apply Now

First Semester (15-16 credits)

ENG 100 - English Composition I3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
COMM 100 - Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 111 - Public Speaking3
Any transferable Global Understanding designated History course (3 credits)
Any transferable Technology designated DPR course (3 credits)
Any transferable Quantitative Reasoning designated MAT course (not MAT 110 or MAT 125) (3-4 credits)




Second Semester (16 credits)

ENG 112 - English Composition II: Writing About Literature3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
PSY 140 - General Psychology3
SOC 110 - Introduction to Sociology3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
POL 110 - Introduction to Political Science3
POL 120 - American National Government3
POL 130 - American State and Local Government3
ECO 210 - Macroeconomic Principles3
ECO 220 - Microeconomic Principles3
Any transferable Scientific Inquiry designated Science course (4 credits)
Any transferable Global Understanding designated History course (3 credits)



Third Semester (15-16 credits)

Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
PSY 225 - Experiences in Diversity3
SOC 215 - Experiences in Diversity3
MAT/Natural Science Elective (3-4 credits)
Humanities Elective - Foreign Language Recommended (3 credits)
Social Science Elective (3 credits)
Humanities Elective: Choose one from ART110,ART111, ART112, ART115, ART116, ART122, ART130, ART133, ART140, ART145, DRA100, DRA110, ENG205, ENG220, ENG221, ENG230, ENG231, ENG240, ENG241, MUS101, MUS120, HUM100, HUM141, HUM142 (3 credits)

PSY 130 is recommended for Social Science Elective, unless another course better meets the students transfer objectives


Fourth Semester (15 credits)

Open Elective (15 Credits)

All Electives should be slectedwith aid of an advisor.

Total Credits: 61-63