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High School Dual Enrollment FAQ

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Is financial aid available for dually enrolled students?
Financial Aid regulations stipulate that, in order to be eligible for financial aid, students must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent. Therefore, dually enrolled high school juniors and seniors are not eligible for financial aid. However, it is highly recommended that high school seniors apply for financial aid as soon after January 1 of their senior year as possible in order to be considered for aid as they fully matriculate to college after high school graduation.

How does a dually enrolled student participate in a guaranteed admission program with one of the College’s four-year transfer partners?
In most cases, our four-year partners require students to make their intention of pursuing a guaranteed admission option known within the first 30 credits of Delaware County Community College coursework. While dually enrolled, students may consult with a College advisor about appropriate course selection that complies with the transfer agreement in which they are interested. In addition, our staff will assist a student in completing the necessary paperwork to alert a four-year partner of the student’s intent to participate in the guaranteed admission option after completing their associate degree at the College.

What if dually enrolled students are uncertain about where they wish to complete a bachelor’s degree?
Dually enrolled students can keep their options open and enroll in courses that are transferable to any other college and university. Transferability of courses is determined by the receiving (transfer) institution. In addition, they may avail themselves of the services provided by our Transfer Office to help them understand the many possibilities.

Can a dually enrolled student take more than the 21 total credits?
Yes, dual enrollment students may continue beyond the 21 discounted credits, but will be assessed regular tuition and fees for any courses beyond those limits.

Will dual enrollment students get credit from their high school?
It is up to individual school districts whether to award high school credit for college courses completed by dually enrolled students. The College will transcript students’ work, just as it does for any other college student. This academic history becomes a permanent part of a student’s record at the College. Students may also request that a transcript of their course work be sent to another post-secondary institution for transfer credit evaluation. Transcripts can be requested online