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Delaware County Community College, Serving Delaware and Chester Counties

Spanish for the Professions 2

Effective: Fall 2019

This certificate is designed for learners interested in acquiring intermediate Spanish Language skills that will prepare them to communicate at an intermediate level in professional Spanish and as supplementary preparation for many professional fields, such as paralegal, early childhood education, and business.

Program Outcomes

  • Communicate with native speakers of Spanish utilizing idiomatic and culturally appropriate language at an intermediate level.
  • Derive and compose meaning from texts in Spanish.  
  • Demonstrate basic cultural competency when communicating in a professional environment.
  • Articulate key elements of Spanish-speaking cultures, including practices, values, communication styles, history, and/or politics.

Apply Now

First Semester (3 credits)

SPA 101 - Elementary Spanish I3

Second Semester (6 credits)

SPA 102 - Elementary Spanish II3
Please pick one of the following courses highlighted in blue:
SPA 150 - Spanish for Business & Law3
SPA 152 - Spanish Practicum for Early Childhood Education3

Third Semester (6 credits)

HUM 205 - Latino American Culture3
SPA 111 - Intermediate Spanish I3

Fourth Semester (3 credits)

SPA 112 - Intermediate Spanish II3

Total Credits: 18